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DIY – Do It Yourself

DIY design continues to be a growing trend in the world of flowers.  Designing your own flowers, whether for a wedding, a special dinner party or just “because” is both a way to save a lot of money and ensure that you have the exact flowers and “look” that you want.

Some people love arranging their own flowers and some people are a little nervous at the prospect of doing their own design.  For anyone that’s a little nervous about it, don’t worry, we are here to help. 

Some flowers are incredibly easy to work with and if you are even a little nervous about doing your own designs, we suggest starting with these.  For example, mini-calla lilies are not only one of the most beautiful and contemporary looking flowers, they are also among the easiest to design with!  With mini-callas, you need only spend a few minutes “designing” your flowers to have spectacular results.  Mini-callas also make excellent wedding flowers and, in particular, bridal bouquets!  See below for a few examples of easy “thirty second” mini-calla designs.

Easy Pink Calla Lily Arrangement White Calla Lily Centerpiece

Another tip that we’ve been given by many designers is to keep it simple!  Many, if not most, popular designs this day feature one type of flower (mono-botanic arrangements) or one color of flowers (mono-chromatic arrangements). Hydrangea are one of the most impressive and easy flowers to arrange in these styles.  Two contrasting ways to “keep it simple” are to tightly group your flowers together before placing them in your vase (see mini-calla images above) or to use individual stems in multiple small vases (see anemone image below).  If you choose to order flowers which are a little harder to find, keeping it simple also allows you to highlight how special and beautiful these flowers are.  After all, if you wanted a supermarket bouquet, you could have bought one there, right? 

Anemone Flower Arrangement

In the spirit of both keeping it simple and saving money, spray roses are a great flower for DIY design on a budget.  Flower Muse spray roses average 50 blooms per bunch (that is, every 10 stems has 50 blooms), so it doesn't take many spray roses to make an amazing arrangement!  Take a look at the picture below. This bridal bouquet was made with a total of 10 stems of white and pink spray roses! One box of spray roses from Flower Muse is enough for a massive bridal bouquet, multiple attendant bouquets and table arrangements.

Pink and White Bridal Bouquet

The most important part of arranging your own flowers is just not being afraid!  Flowers’ natural beauty shines through, so don’t spend too much worrying about whether or not they are “perfectly” designed.  If you are ordering for a wedding, why not make an event out of it and have the wedding party spend a few hours together having some fun putting the arrangements for the big day together.  If you are ordering for your home “just because”, why not get together with a few friends and order some different flowers that you haven’t purchased before?  You can split the flowers between you and each of you can have amazing arrangements to enjoy.  If you don’t want to arrange your own flowers, please check out our pre-arranged mini-calla lilies bouquets and roses bouquets!

As always, if you have any questions about design, or anything else, just drop us a note at info@flowermuse.com.


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