Our top 10 favorite flowers (right now)…numbers 6-10

In honor of the official launch of the new Flower Muse site, we wanted to publish our current top 10 list of the flowers we’re most excited about right now.  Does it make us weird that we’re so excited by flowers that we’ve got a top 10 list handy?  Probably.  We won’t dwell on that though.  The first installment will cover flowers 6 -10 on the current list.  Onto the list!


10. White Amaryllis: Amaryllis is such an amazing and elegant flower, it is a shame that most people only think of it during the month of December.  Of course, this variety of white amaryllis is officially called “Christmas Gift”, so that’s probably part of the problem.  A few stems of amaryllis dropped into a simple vase create a stunning arrangement and this very pure white variety looks simply amazing in when in full bloom.


9. Lavender Anemones: We obviously like anemones a lot since we put a huge image of one on the current version of our homepage, but the lavender anemones this season are truly looking fantastic.  The great thing about anemones is that you can do so much with them very quickly and easily.  They stand on their own as single stems in bud vases or you can group them together for a really impressive look.  We recommend getting a small box of these for your house or getting a large box to split with friends.  One last thing to keep in mind regarding these flowers: anemones arrive in a very small bud and will not open up or “show color” until they have been placed in water.  However, once placed in water, they open very quickly.


8.  Purple Fragrance Roses:  Why don’t roses smell like roses anymore?  This is one of the most common questions that we get here at Flower Muse.  We’ll get into a detailed discussion of that topic in a separate post, but the great news is that there actually are some roses which have a wonderful traditional rose fragrance.  Of all the roses with a fragrance, our current favorite is Purple Fragrance (we do realize that it is not the most creative name, however).   Why do we like this rose so much?  Well, first off, it has probably the strongest fragrance of any “standard” (non-garden) rose that we’ve ever seen.  Secondly, there just are not that many good lavender rose varieties in the world and this one is amazing.


7. Viburnum (“Green Snowballs”):  Viburnum is another flower (well, actually a “flowering branch”) that we think is really underutilized.    This flower can work for a huge array of design styles; from extremely modern (even as a standalone flower) to very traditional (as green accents in a densely grouped arrangement).  When some people see viburnum, their first question is whether “those” are small green hydrangea flowers.  We can see why they might ask this, but generally speaking, viburnum “blooms” are composed of smaller and more delicate looking florets than hydrangea flowers.  Additionally, viburnum blooms are not a densely packed as hydrangea blooms.  This is an amazing flower and something that we highly recommend!


6. Pink Mini-Callas (Garnet Glow variety):  One of our goals here at Flower Muse is to provide useful flower information in addition to having an online “store” (although, we definitely encourage you to buy something!).  In the spirit of sharing useful information, we wanted to discuss Garnet Glow pink mini-calla lilies.  A couple of years ago, our calla partner farm planted quite a few Garnet Glow bulbs.  When a farm is really good (and this farm is the best), they are able to get better stem length and size with each successive year  of growing callas from a given set of bulbs.  Well, this year they have a lot of Garnet Glow callas that look absolutely amazing, have great stem length and really long vase life.  We’ve been keeping these around the office a lot so far in 2011 and we are really impressed.


Until next time…

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