Pink Tulips and Amaryllis Bouquet

Pink Tulips and Amaryllis Bouquet

When it’s February, it’s all about Valentine’s day colors! While red is a classic Valentine’s day shade, pinks are my favorite! Our tutorial today shows how to arrange a gorgeous pink tulips and amaryllis bouquet that would be a stunning bridal bouquet or arrange in a vase for a beautiful gift for any occasion!

Pink Tulips and Amaryllis Bouquet – DIY Tutorial

The “ingredients” to our pink tulips and amaryllis bouquet:

Pink Tulips and Amaryllis Bouquet - Ingredients

It goes without saying, you don’t need to follow our exact recipe and you should feel free to use any mix of tulip colors that suit your taste! Some of the tulip varieties we used are seasonal, but you can easily use standard tulips and still create an amazing looking bouquet!

Step 1: Hydrate Flowers

As with all our tutorials, the first step is to correctly process and hydrate your flowers. If you’ve ordered from us, the tulips and amaryllis are sent straight from our farms and so they’ll need a little time in water to hydrate and open up more. Amaryllis especially need at least a couple days for the buds to open up, so you may want to have these delivered a little earlier than your tulips. If you need help figuring out the right delivery dates for your event, then just drop us a line and we are happy to help! For detailed steps on the right way to care for your flowers, check out our amaryllis care and handling tips and our tulips care and handling tips.

When working with tulips, it’s important to remember that tulips are geotropic and phototropic so you’ll want to store them away from bright lights and keep the stems trimmed and supported to reduce the natural bend that occurs with tulips.

Step 2: Prep Flowers

Once all your flowers are hydrated, you’ll want to prep the flowers so that they are ready to arrange into a bouquet. That means gently removing foliage from the tulips stems. You can do this by carefully pulling them away from the stem. If you leave the leaves on, the extra bulk makes it more difficult to arrange the tulips into a bouquet.

For the amaryllis, you’ll want to pull away any dried up bits (like the outer layer that once covered up the buds). Also, to avoid pollen dropping everywhere, gently pull off the anthers from the stamens (the yellow pollen covered parts inside each bloom).

Step 3: Begin arranging

Start with the amaryllis stem and position it in your hand so the blooms you want facing the front of the bouquet are facing you.

From there, you can build out the rest of the bouquet by adding in stems of tulips around the amaryllis bouquet. As you do this, make sure to keep a light but firm hold on the stems. Amaryllis stems are hollow, so if you squeeze too hard you can crush them! Continue adding tulips to the bouquet until you have the size and shape that you want.

Pink Tulips and Amaryllis Bouquet - Arrange Bouquet

Step 4: Secure the bouquet

Once you’ve finished arranging the bouquet, secure the stems together with floral tape and then cover the tape with ribbon of your choice. If you’re giving the bouquet as a gift, then just give the stems a trim and wrap in paper or place in a clean vase of water. If you’re putting them in a vase, make sure you’ve trimmed enough of the stems so the flowers are supported inside. A general rule of thumb we use is the top edge of the vase should hit at least about 2/3 the length of the stems.


So that’s all there is to creating this gorgeous pink tulips and amaryllis bouquet! I love this combination of flowers and the fully bloomed pink double bloom tulips look a lot like peonies! (hence why some people call them peony bloom tulips!). If you didn’t know any better you might assume we used peonies in this bouquet!

Pink Tulips and Amaryllis Bouquet - Front

Pink Tulips and Amaryllis Bouquet - Side

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it inspires you to create something for yourself or someone you love! You can shop all of the flowers used in this tutorial in the links provided and if you have any questions or want to learn more about other flower related topics, leave a comment below and let us know! I hope you have a wonderful month of February!


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