Pink Ombré Bridal Bouquet

Pink Ombré Bridal Bouquet

I love a pretty ombré and with Valentine’s Day still lingering on my mind with all the red and pink colors, I thought it would be fun to share how easy it is to put together a pink ombré bridal bouquet!

The “ingredients” to this bouquet:

Pink Ombre Bridal Bouquet - Ingredients

The beauty of creating a pink ombré bridal bouquet like this is that you don’t need to use the exact same mix of flowers. You could use white roses or white hydrangeas instead of peonies and use dark red roses or burgundy red peonies instead of magenta hydrangea.

Before you begin arranging, you’ll want to prep the flowers. That means removing any foliage from the stems and trimming off any thorns from the roses.

Pink Ombre Bridal Bouquet - Prep flowers

Start with the darkest color bloom. I used 2 stems of the magenta hydrangea, but depending on the bloom size and also how big you want your bouquet, you may only need 1 stem.

Pink Ombre Bridal Bouquet - Start with darkest color bloom

Next, arrange the garden roses in a line right next to the hydrangea.

Pink Ombre Bridal Bouquet - Arrange pink garden roses

Then place the light pink peonies next to the garden roses, creating another line of color.

Pink Ombre Bridal Bouquet - Arrange pink peonies

Last, arrange the white peonies next to the pink peonies creating the last line of color in the bouquet.

Pink Ombre Bridal Bouquet - Arrange last color

If the blooms move around as you’re creating the bouquet, just loosen your hold on the stems and carefully move them around to line up the ombré colors. You may also need to gently pull up stems or push them down to adjust their height in order to create a nice rounded bouquet shape.

Once everything is in place, use floral tape to wrap the stems and secure everything together. Then give the stems an even trim.

Pink Ombre Bridal Bouquet - Side view

Wrap the stems with ribbon of your choice and I used a mix of matching pink ombré ribbons to create a trail.

Pink Ombre Bridal Bouquet

That’s all there is to it to create a pink ombré bridal bouquet! And if you’re not planning a wedding, this bouquet is perfect as a centerpiece bouquet for a bridal shower, baby shower or as a luxe gift for a friend! Just use a similar mix of flowers and arrange them in the same way in a vase. For a super easy alternative, you can shop our pink ombré rose bouquet that includes an selection of ombré colors all in one bouquet!

I hope this quick and easy DIY tutorial inspires you to create your own arrangement and if you have any questions, just leave us a comment below!


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