Our Favorite: Orange Flowers

Our Favorite: Orange Flowers

We’re now well into the fall season and surrounded by fall colors and pumpkin spiced everything! I thought it would be a perfect time to put together another color series post; this time with our favorite orange flowers. With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, orange colors will be everywhere and there are so many different types of orange flowers!  The blooms you’ll see here range from pale light orange to bright citrus orange all the way to dark orange red tones.  Nature gives us such gorgeous color variety to work with, even within a single color palette like orange.

I hope that this flower color board gives you some inspiration whether you’re looking for the perfect flower to decorate your home this fall season or if you’re looking for orange wedding flowers. Either way, any of these orange blooms would make a great choice for a bouquet or centerpiece. You can see some of them in our Orange Flowers Collection and our Fall Flowers Gift and Decorating collection (perfect for sending a fall gift this season or for decorating your own home).

Enjoy and let us know what your favorite color is! Maybe that will be the next color board we put together!



Flower Muse - Orange Flowers


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