May 2018 Calendar

May 2018 Calendar

Happy May!

April showers bring May flowers and that’s certainly the case! May is one of our favorite months of the year because of – can you guess? PEONY season! While we have peonies almost year round, May to June is typically the peak of the season in the US. So of course for our May 2018 calendar, we just had to feature peonies!

The gorgeous light pink peonies featured in our calendar is a classic peony color (and one of our most popular!). The most common variety you’ll find will typically be Sarah Bernhardt which is grown by most peony farms. But other light pink varieties include Reine Hortense, Angel Cheeks, and Pecher to name just a few.

If you love peonies and want to get some ideas for centerpieces or bouquets, check out some of our DIY tutorials that feature peonies. If you want to learn how to take care of cut peonies, you can read our peony care and handling guide that details the best way to care for them from bud to full bloom, including common mistakes that we see people make when caring for peonies.

I hope that you enjoy our May 2018 calendar and have a great month ahead! And if you want to take a look at our full peony collection, you can see all our colors and varieties over on our site.



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May 2018 Calendar

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