Horoscope Signs as Flowers

Horoscope Signs as Flowers

Horoscope Signs as Flowers

With the big solar eclipse coming up on August 21, we thought we would have a little fun to celebrate this rare phenomenon. We put together our take on horoscope signs as flowers!

There isn’t an official flower that represents each horoscope sign and in our research, multiple different flower types have been associated with each of the 12 horoscope signs. So we picked our favorite match up of flowers that we think fits the nature and traits of each sign:

Horoscope Signs as Flowers


Aries flowers: Tulips

Aries flower: TulipsAries are known for being confident, adventurous, and a loyal friend. But they can also be impulsive and passionate! We chose tulips for Aries because of their “adventurous” and “impulsive” spirit of bending and moving towards light and with gravity. Tulips are such beautiful blooms (especially double bloom and parrot tulip varieties) and like Aries, they go where they want to go!

Taurus flower: Garden roses

Taurus flower: Garden rosesTaurus are know for being strong, dependable but sometimes stubborn! We chose garden roses for Taurus because of their strength and resilience to grow, sometimes in harsh cold weather! They power through to produce the most gorgeous results: beautiful lush rose blooms (and oftentimes very stubborn thorns!).

Gemini flower: Amaryllis

Gemini flower: AmaryllisGemini are a creative and sharing group, but their dual nature means they can be unpredictable and unfocused. So for Geminis, we chose amaryllis because of their beautiful look, but the multiple blooms can open up in all different directions! You don’t know which way they’ll go!

Cancer flower: White roses

Cancer flower: White rosesCancers are endearing and spiritual but can be introspective and sensitive. They generally try to avoid conflict and so we chose white roses for their symbolism of purity, innocence and spirituality.

Leo flower: Eremurus

Leo flowers: EremurusLeos are strong, kind and big-hearted. They are ambitious which means they can also be be overconfident and bossy! For Leo, we chose eremurus (aka oxtail lilies or desert candles) because they cannot be missed in a room! The tall stems and vibrant cluster of petals makes a big impression that can easily overpower other flowers!

Virgo flower: Star of Bethlehem

Virgo flowers: Star of BethlehemVirgos are known for being dependable and practical, but their efficiency and analytical side can mean they can be too much of a perfectionist (definitely a Type A personality)! For Virgos, we chose Star of Bethlehem. This flower is not a stop-dead-in-your-tracks showstopper, but a quiet and unassuming beauty. Star of Bethlehem has a great vase life that makes it a dependable bloom perfectly suited for Virgos.

Libra flower: Blue hydrangea

Libra fowers - Blue hydrangeaLibras are a charming and social bunch and they seek balance and harmony which can sometimes make them indecisive and unable to just pick a side! For Libras, we chose blue hydrangea for its calming color that symbolizes peace, order and trust.

Scorpio flower: Peonies (burgundy red)

Scorpio flowers: PeoniesScorpios are charismatic and intense. Their passion gives them a commanding presence, but their “ride or die” attitude can be overwhelming! For Scorpios, we chose burgundy red peonies for their rich deep color and their stand-out look that match the intensity of scorpios!

Sagittarius flower: Carnations

Sagittarius flower: CarnationsThe sociable sagittarius are a casual and fun loving bunch that love to travel. They are self-confident (sometimes bordering on arrogant), but they can be a cheerful group! For Sagittarius, we picked carnations for their casual fun nature. Carnations come in a vast array of colors and when arranged in creative ways, can look luxurious and “confident”!

Capricorn flower: Mini calla lilies

Capricorn flower: Mini calla liliesCapricorns are known for being steadfast, patient and dependable. They may come across as a bit cold and inflexible at times, but their wisdom and understanding grows with age! For Capricorns we chose mini calla lilies for dependability as an easy to care for flower. The clean lines and minimalist shape of a calla lily give it a simplistic beauty and with the the right care, they can last a long time!

Aquarius flower: Clematis

Aquarius flower: ClematisAquarius are a free-thinking unconventional group that can tend towards rebellious and eccentric! For Aquarius, we chose clematis because of its vine-like structure that bends and curves as it pleases making it a standout rebel that is definitely not a common bloom!

Pisces flower: Ranunculus

Pisces flowers: RanunculusPisces are the most romantic of all the signs. Their imaginative and carefree nature make them a loving and loyal bunch. For Pisces, we chose ranunculus. It’s a beautiful flower with layers and layers of petals that form a bloom that naturally curves in whatever way nature takes it!

So, that’s our round-up of signs as flowers! I hope you had fun reading through and let us know what you think! Next time you need some flower gifting ideas for a friend, try matching them up with their sign as a flower. It could end up being their favorite bloom!

Cheers and have fun watching the solar eclipse on Monday!

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