Almost there – the flowers are coming!

Hello everyone – it is just before 7pm PST on March 4th and we are getting very close to wrapping up testing of the new Flower Muse website.  We’ve spent months working on the new site and we’re very happy with the results thus far (we hope you will be too!).

Our mission here at is to make this site a place for all your flower related needs; whether those needs are for great wedding flowers or just a little information about how flowers are grown.

We do honestly feel that we work with the best farms in the world and, as a result, have the freshest and highest quality flowers in the world.  There really is a HUGE difference between an “OK” flower and a great flower.  We don’t have any “OK” flowers here.

We look forward to bringing you a lot more information about wedding flowers, flowers for your home and amazing flowers in general.  In the meantime, please feel free to drop us a note with any questions you may have at

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