Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 5

Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 5

It’s the last post in our series of easy holiday centerpieces and it’s a candy cane inspired look using red and white blooms! We decided to have a little fun with this one and used painted craspedia for a whimsical touch.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 5

Like all the other centerpieces in this blog series, we kept things simple and used only three different flowers types, all of these are available in our Holiday Flowers Custom Gift Set:

Red Parrot Tulips: 10 stems
White Spray Roses: 8-10 stems
Painted Red Craspedia (Billy Balls): 15-18 stems

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 5: Ingredients

A tip we always mention is that it’s best to arrange with flowers that have had a chance to hydrate in water. So on arrival, give them a fresh cut and allow them to drink up for at least 4-6 hours.

Tulips naturally bend towards light and so to help keep them upright, leave them in the wrap they arrived in as they initially hydrate. This will help keep the stems straight. Just make sure there is not too much condensation in the stems so you can avoid any premature molding. You can read our more detailed tulip care and handling post to learn other tips.

For this arrangement, I used a simple rectangular vase (4” x 6” x 8”), the same one I used in Part 4 of this series. To start, place your tulips in the vase. I left the stems a little taller since I wanted this centerpiece to sit higher. However, for a lower arrangement, just cut the stems shorter and you can gently peel off the tulip leaves if needed to make the stems easier to place into the vase.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 5: Arrange Tulips

The next step is to insert the white spray roses. You’ll want to make sure you remove any lower foliage that would sit below the water line. This helps keep your water clean which means longer lasting flowers.

Just carefully insert the spray rose stems between the tulip blooms. If your tulip blooms are bending more than you like, use the spray roses to give them some support.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 5: Insert Spray Roses

The last step is tuck in the painted red craspedia (aka billy balls). These fun little ornaments add a festive touch that makes this centerpiece perfect for the holidays! I like to bunch the craspedia into groups of three stems before inserting them into the remaining gaps of the centerpiece. This is easier than putting them in one by one and it also creates a more natural grouping of the blooms.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 5: Add Craspedia

Once you finish placing all your craspedia, you’re done! It’s an arrangement that anyone can put together and the unique look of the parrot tulips and the bright red color of the craspedia make this a fun and merry centerpiece that is great for holiday decorating or to give as a gift. It sure beats the typical poinsettia plant!

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 5: Closeup

To keep this easy holiday centerpiece looking it’s best, just give the stems a trim and change of water every 2-3 days. Also keep the flowers away from heat sources and vents and out of direct sunlight.

Easy Holiday Centerpiece - Part 5

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog series and get inspired to create your own centerpiece this holiday season. Putting together a beautiful arrangement doesn’t have to be hard and so we hope these five examples of easy holiday centerpieces helps you to create something gorgeous for your home! All of these arrangements can be made with flowers in our Holiday Flowers Custom Gift Set and you can create so many other combinations with all the flower choices that we offer.

If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note below. Also, if you do create a centerpiece, please share with us as we’d love to see it!


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