Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 4

Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 4

There are less than 2 weeks left to finish up all holiday preparations and hopefully this is not stressing you out! We’re here to share yet another easy centerpiece idea so that your table decorating is quick and easy, but still gorgeous! It’ll be one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

For the first three easy holiday centerpiece ideas that we shared, we kept to classic holiday colors in red, green and white. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. I know many of you love the look of a white winter theme and so the fourth arrangement we’re sharing is in white and silver colors!

Easy Holiday DIY Centerpieces - Part 4

Like the other centerpieces, we’re keeping it simple with just three flower types and they’re all flowers you can get in our Holiday Flowers Custom Gift Set. The three blooms for this centerpiece are:

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4: Ingredients

Remember that freesia arrives in bud stage, so it’s best to give them a cut and allow them to hydrate in water for at least a day before arranging with them. The freesia you see in these pictures have been in water for about 5 days, so most of the blooms are open.

Freesia often have offshoot stems which can get tangled up with other stems and make arranging more difficult.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4: Prep Freesia

The easiest way to avoid this is to give the stems a trim so that all the offshoot stems are removed. This works best when you’re making a shorter arrangement and do not need tall stems.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4: Trim Freesia

The vase I’m using is a simple glass rectangular vase (4” x 6” x 8”). Any simple vase will work and if it’s smaller, you won’t need as many stems; if it’s wider, then you’ll want to use more flowers to fill out the vase.

The first step is to place your stems of freesia into your vase that is clean and filled with room temperature water. Let it fan out and don’t worry if you see some gaps. You’ll want to cut the stems so the blooms extend approximately 2” to 3” from the edge of the vase.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4: Arrange Freesia

The next step is to insert the silver craspedia (aka billy balls) into the arrangement. Rather than doing it stem by stem, I like to put the craspedia in groups of 3 stems and insert each group into different areas of the arrangement.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4: Arrange Craspedia

I love how these silver painted baubles add a festive touch!

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4: Tuck in Craspedia

The last step is to incorporate the silver kochia. This naturally soft grey color foliage adds another layer of “silver” color and the small bud-like leaves add a fine texture to the centerpiece. It’s best to prep the stems first by removing any lower branches and foliage that would sit below the water line.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4: Prep Kochia

Then tuck stems into any remaining gaps in the centerpiece and then you’re done! Silver kochia does naturally shed, so don’t be alarmed to see some of the leaves drop off as you work with it.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4: Insert Kochia

It’s another easy holiday centerpiece that looks a lot harder to arrange than it actually is. Your guests or gift recipient will be none the wiser and think you spent a long time putting it together! It’s a beautiful combination of blooms that smells heavenly from the fragrant freesia.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4: Finished arrangement

To keep everything looking fresh, just give the stems a fresh cut and change of water every 2-3 days. If your freesia was not yet fully bloomed, then you’ll get to enjoy how the centerpiece practically grows as more blooms open up!

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 4

If you want to make this exact same centerpiece for your holiday table, then you can get all the flowers you need in our Holiday Flowers Custom Gift Set. I hope these DIY tips will help make your holiday just a little bit easier! We have just one more easy holiday centerpiece idea to share so stay tuned!


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