Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 3

Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 3

I’m excited to show you yet another easy holiday centerpiece from our 5 part series. If you haven’t yet seen the earlier posts, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

For this third centerpiece, we’re going to use a neutral palette of green and white. It’s perfect for the holiday season and the neutral colors complement a room in pretty much any color. That’s what also makes it a perfect gift:

  1. You don’t need to worry about the colors clashing with your recipient’s decor
  2. Unlike our previous centerpieces that used freesia, all the flowers in this centerpiece have little to no fragrance so it won’t interfere with any other scents.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces Series - Part 3

For this easy centerpiece, we follow the same ongoing principle of keeping it simple. So, the three flowers types that we use are:

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 3: Ingredients

All of these flowers are blooms that you can get in our Holiday Flowers – Custom Gift Set; so it makes it easy to put this exact same centerpiece together!

First thing to note is that star of bethlehem arrives with most of the flowers in bud stage. It takes at least a couple days before you see blooms start to open up. You could wait a few days before arranging so that there are more blooms showing, but I think it’s fun to see how the arrangement changes as more blooms open up!

As soon as flowers arrive, you always want to give them a fresh cut and allow them to hydrate for at least 6 hours before you arrange them. I also like to prep the stems by removing lower foliage that would fall below the water line. This will help keep the water clean and that will ensure the best vase life for your flowers.

I used a square shape vase that flares out at the top, but any simple cylinder or rectangular vase will work too. To begin, place all of the star of bethlehem in the vase.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 3: Arrange Star of Bethlehem

Next, tuck in stems of parrot tulips between the star of bethlehem. Tulips can sometimes naturally bend and droop, so placing them between sturdier stems will help support them upright. Also, you can gently remove some of the tulip leaves and that will make them easier to insert into the arrangement.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 3: Tuck in Parrot Tulips

Last step is to insert the green hypericum berries between the other flowers. The multiple berries per stem will help fill in the empty gaps and round out the centerpiece.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 3: Add Hypericum Berries

That’s all that there is to it; another easy holiday centerpiece that is quick and simple to put together! Even with just three different flower types, this arrangement looks complex with the different bloom textures.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 3: Bloom textures

These are also flowers that you won’t easily find everywhere so it’s a unique decorative centerpiece that also makes an exquisite gift.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 3: Completed arrangement

To keep this centerpiece looking fresh, just give the stems a fresh cut and change of water every 2-3 days. The parrot tulips have the shortest vase life of these three flower types, so as they retire, you can carefully remove them and continue to enjoy the star of bethlehem and hypericum berries.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 3

You can make this exact same centerpiece and find everything you need with our Holiday Flowers – Custom Gift Set. So, give it a try and make something fun for your home or to give to a loved one. Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more easy holiday centerpiece ideas to help make your holiday decorating and gifting a little easier!


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