Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 2

Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 2

Last week we shared our first easy holiday centerpiece. If you missed it, you can check out Part 1 here. For the second post of this series, we keep to the same principles – keep it simple with only three types of flowers. This time, we added a little pop of color using red tulips and mixed in white blooms for classic red and white Christmas colors.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 2 of 5

The “ingredients” for this centerpiece include:

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 2: Ingredients

All of these flowers are options in our Holiday Flowers – Custom Gift Set which makes it easy to create beautiful centerpieces like we show in this DIY series.

The vase I use is the same simple cylinder vase (5” diameter and 10” tall) used in the last arrangement (from Part 1). If you want your centerpiece to sit lower on a dinner table, just use a shorter vase and if the width is smaller, you won’t need as many stems. If your vase is much wider than 5”, then you’ll want to increase the number of stems so that your vase is filled out.

To start, prep your flowers before you start arranging. That means gently pulling off any lower leaves from your tulips and snipping off any foliage and stems from your spray roses and freesia that would sit below the water line.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 2: Prep Stems

Begin with your tulips by trimming the stems and placing them in your vase. You’ll want to make sure the tulips are cut down so that the top of the vase sits at around two-thirds the length of the stem. Tulips will continue to grow after they are cut, so you don’t want them extending too much over your vase.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 2: Arrange Tulips

Tulips will also start to bend and grow towards light, so when mixing with other flowers, I like to use sturdier blooms to help keep them upright. Spray roses are perfect for this. You can start to insert spray roses around the tulips, using the stems and blooms to support the red tulips.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 2: Add Spray Roses

The last step is to tuck in white freesia where there are still gaps in the centerpiece. The multiple blooms of freesia can really help fill in spaces and the scent is just amazing! It helps make this not only a festive holiday centerpiece, but a fragrant one too!

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 2: Add Freesia

That’s all there is to it for creating this easy holiday centerpiece! It’s a gorgeous mix of peppermint colors that would look beautiful in any room; or you could bring it to a holiday party as a host gift. It’s a centerpiece that looks much more complicated than it is to arrange and your recipient will know that you didn’t just pick this up at the supermarket!

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 2

To keep the stems looking fresh, you’ll want to give them a cut and change of water every 2-3 days. If the water starts to look cloudy that means there is some bacteria buildup in the vase, so giving the vase a good clean will also help keep the flowers fresh and help them to last as long as possible!

I hope this example gives you more ideas for creating your own centerpiece for the holidays. We’ll be sharing three more different centerpiece designs that are all easy to DIY, so stay tuned for more!


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    Tall Order Catering

    Flowers are naturally very beautiful on their own, and they become so much more amazing when arranged by florists into floral masterpieces. Thank you for your ideas, they bring me inspiration for my next creatures. Are you making only bouquets? Or, you can make dresses, accessories…?

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