Dahlia Care and Handling

Dahlia Care and Handling

Dahlia Care and Handling Guide

Summer is almost officially here and one of the summer season’s beautiful flowers is already in season – dahlias! Dahlia flowers come in a wide range of shapes and colors and they are a beautiful bloom to use for decorating a wedding or event but it can be a trickier flower to care for. So, with dahlia season going strong right now, we want to share our dahlia care and handling tips.

1. Dahlias will definitely look tired on arrival.

Don’t be surprised if the dahlias look limp and even slightly squashed on arrival. They are tired from their journey from the field to you and they need a good drink of water to perk up.

Dahlia Care and Handling

2. Prepare a vase of clean tepid water

Dahlias will hydrate better in warm water. Make sure your vase is clean and filled with at least 3” to 4” of warm water (around 100ºF).

Dahlia Care and Handling - Prepare vase

3. Clean and cut stems

On arrival, you’ll want quickly remove the dahlias from their box and unwrap the bunches from their wrap. Carefully separate the stems and remove any lower foliage that would fall below the water line. Give each stem a clean cut at a diagonal. You’ll want to cut at least 1” off each stem and then quickly place in water.

Dahlia Care and Handling - Clean and Cut Stems

4. Let the dahlias hydrate

Let the dahlias drink up and if the blooms are particularly droopy, you can give them more support by loosely wrapping the stems with paper to keep them upright. You’ll want to make sure there is no moisture on the blooms to avoid any molding. Keep them wrapped for a few hours until the flowers perk back up. Some dahlias will open up more after 1-2 days in water.

Dahlia Care and Handling - Hydrate

Dahlia Care and Handling - Wrap droopy stems

Dahlia Care and Handling - Hydrating

5. Recut and change water daily

For the best vase life, you’ll want to recut the stems and change the water daily (cool or room temperature water is fine). Dahlias can dirty up water pretty quickly, so a daily cut and change of water will keep bacteria from forming and clogging up the stems. Also, keep the dahlias in a cool room out of direct sunlight and drafts.

Dahlia Care and Handling

Dahlias do require more care than other flower types and they do not have the long vase life of some other flowers even when properly cared for. So, if you’re new to floral arranging, this might not be the best choice of flowers to start with.

We do typically include extra stems in each shipment so that if you do break a few blooms, you should have some for backups. I hope you found our dahlia care and handling tips helpful and of course if you have any questions or need help, just drop us a line (info@flowermuse.com) and we are happy to help! And if you want to check out all the different colors that we have, check out our dahlias page.


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