Daffodil Care and Handling

Daffodil Care and Handling

Daffodil Care and Handling Guide

For many, daffodils (aka narcissus) are the quintessential sign of spring. I remember when I lived on the East coast how much I loved seeing the plants pop up through the ground and bloom after a cold winter. Fresh cut daffodils are beautiful flowers to have in your home and they are quite easy to take care of. Our daffodil care and handling tips will ensure you make the most of these gorgeous flowers!

1. Daffodils typically arrive in bud or early bloom stage

Our fresh cut daffodils typically arrive in bud stage. Some of the smaller multi-bloom varieties arrive already blooming. As soon as possible, you’ll want to quickly get the flowers into water. Carefully unwrap from paper and remove or cut off any elastic bands holding the bundles together. There may sometimes be dirt or sand at the base of the stems, so you can gently rinse the stems or give the ends a quick dunk in a bucket of water to remove any excess dirt.

Daffodil Care and Handling - Step 1

2. Give each stem a fresh cut

Cut at least 1” off each stem at a diagonal – this ensure maximum water intake. If there are loose leaves around the main flower stem, you can remove them or keep them to add to your arrangement if you want. Quickly place the flowers in at least 3” to 4” of cool water in a clean vase or container.

Daffodil Care and Handling - Step 2

Daffodil Care and Handling - Step 2: Cut Stems

Daffodil Care and Handling - Step 2: Remove any loose leaves

3. Keep daffodils to themselves

When you give the daffodils a fresh cut you might notice a thick sap-like substance. This sap can be harmful to some other flowers, so it’s best to keep the daffodils in their own container while they hydrate for at least 6-8 hours. That allows the sap to seep out of the stem and then they can be arranged with other blooms.

Daffodil Care and Handling - Step 3: Keep daffodils separate

4. Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin

That same sap-like substance can be irritating to the skin for some people. So if you have sensitive skin, wear gloves when you’re cutting daffodils or avoid contact with the cut stems.

Daffodil Care and Handling - Step 4

5. Watch them bloom!

Daffodils can open quickly, some within a few hours while some in 1-2 days. Make sure you place them in a spot away from any heating vents and out of direct sunlight. Daffodils don’t have the longest vase life and typically last anywhere from 3-5 days. Keeping them in a cool spot and in low light will help them last longer than if placed in a bright warm room. Also give them a fresh cut and change of water every 1-2 days.

Daffodil Care and Handling - Step 5

Coral Pink and White Daffodils


6. Temporary storage

If you’re using daffodils for an event and the event gets delayed, don’t fret! As long as your daffodils are still in a bud stage, you can dry store them in a refrigerator (at a temperature around 33-36ºF) for a few days. On arrival, no need to cut the stems, just keep the daffodils in the fridge wrapped and dry (any excess moisture could cause premature molding). Daffodils can be affected by ethylene (a gas released by ripening fruit), so make sure to store them away from any fruit. When you’re ready to use them, just follow the care tips and allow them to hydrate and bloom.

Daffodil Care and Handling Tips

Creamy White Mini Double Daffodils

By following our daffodil care and handling tips, you’ll ensure full enjoyment of these pretty blooms. You can see our full collection on our Daffodil page and these blooms are typically available from late winter through early spring. If you have any questions, just shoot us a note and we’ll be happy to help!


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