Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet

Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet

Spring is right around the corner and the best thing about spring? The FLOWERS! I know it’s still snowy and cold in some parts of the country, so to brighten things up and provide some spring inspiration, I’m sharing a colorful spring bridal bouquet that showcases some of the newest blooms in our collection.

The “ingredients” to our colorful spring bridal bouquet:

Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet - Bouquet Ingredients

To start, you’ll want to make sure your flowers are fully hydrated and prepped. For blooms like the butterfly ranunculus, anemones, garden roses, and tulips, that means they have had at least a day in water to allow the blooms to open up. You’ll also want to trim off any thorns on the garden roses and pluck off any rougher looking guard petals. It also makes it easier to arrange your bouquet if you remove any lower foliage on the flower stems.

Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet - Prep Flowers

To begin arranging the bouquet, I like to start with a focal flower like the pink protea. It has a nice sturdy bloom and stem to which you can slowly start to build your bouquet around.

Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet - Start with focal flower

There are no strict rules around creating a bouquet like this. Just start to add different flowers to the bouquet. I like to cluster a few garden roses and then fill in gaps with the smaller bloom flowers. The garden roses you see in this bouquet are the latest variety from David Austin called Purity. They have a gorgeous cream blush color that pairs so beautifully with other flowers!

Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet - Fill in with Flowers

The dark pink butterfly ranunculus is also a brand new variety that we’ve just added to our ranunculus collection and it’s an amazing flower to work with! It has multiple blooms per stem and is more durable compared to your standard ranunculus. It does a great job of filling out a bouquet and adding a natural flow to the arrangement.

Continue adding flowers to the bouquet. Use the anemones to create different points of color and don’t be afraid to let the tulips flow out from the bouquet. Tuck in the stems of greenery and use them create a balance to the overall structure.

Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet

Once the bouquet is the size and shape that you want, secure everything together with floral tape and then wrap with ribbon of your choice. For a more rustic feel, use twine or raffia ribbon to cover up the floral tape.

Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet

That’s all there is to it to create a colorful spring bridal bouquet! I love the mix of pink, blush and lavender tones and the free form structure makes it look like the bouquet was just casually gathered together!

Colorful Spring Bridal Bouquet

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own bridal bouquet or even just a bouquet to decorate your home, I hope this quick tutorial inspires you to create your own colorful spring bouquet! We’ll be bringing you more spring inspiration this season, so stay tuned for more tutorials, tips and color boards!


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