Centerpiece of Spring Blooms

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms

It’s a cool grey day in LA as I’m writing this and the news is buzzing about another heavy storm hitting the East coast! I think that we are ALL looking forward to spring season and sunny days! To brighten things and celebrate a soon-to-come spring, our post today showcases a centerpiece tutorial using some of the best spring blooms: peonies, ranunculus, and tulips!

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms – DIY Tutorial

The ingredients to our centerpiece of spring blooms:

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Floral Ingredients

Step 1: Hydrate Flowers

If you’ve read our other tutorials, you know that the very first step is always to hydrate your flowers. Most blooms need at least 4-6 hours in water and flowers like peonies oftentimes need more time (like 2-3 days) for the buds to open up. For full details on how to care for flowers on arrival, you can read detailed tips in our care and handling guides.

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Hydrate Flowers

Step 2: Prep Blooms

Once your flowers are fully hydrated and peony buds have bloomed, you’ll want to prep the stems by removing any lower foliage that would sit below the water line. Just gently pull off any leaves from your ranunculus, peonies and tulips.

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Prep Blooms

Step 3: Begin Arranging

Make sure you’re using a vase that is clean and filled with room temperature water. As you’re adding in greens and flowers, make sure you’re cutting the stems at a diagonal to maximize the water intake. For this centerpiece, I started with a “tripod” of hosta leaves as a base. That means crisscrossing the stems to create a frame on which to build the centerpiece on.

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Criss-cross stems

Next, use several stems of butterfly ranunculus. I love how these ranunculus have a natural bend to their stems and offshoot buds that flow in different directors. Don’t be afraid to let them just “flow out” of the centerpiece.

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Add butterfly ranunculus

Start setting in the other blooms beginning with peonies and ranunculus. You can nestle these in between the greens and butterfly ranunculus. Cut the stems so the flowers sit at varying heights to create a sense of depth.

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Set in ranunculus

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Cut flowers at different lengths

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Add Peonies

Then fill in with tulips, more butterfly ranunculus and star of Bethlehem.

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Add in secondary flowers

When adding in the star of Bethlehem, I like to group them in threes before tucking them into an empty space in the centerpiece.

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Group Star of Bethlehem

Continue to add flowers and greens until you’ve filled out the centerpiece with all of the spring blooms.

Step 4: Admire your work!

Once you have the centerpiece to the size and form that you like, you’re done! Doesn’t this centerpiece of spring blooms have you excited for the upcoming spring season! This centerpiece would be amazing as a wedding centerpiece or party decor, but it would also make an amazing gift. I think if you brought this over to anyone, their eyes would look like the heart eyes emoji face!

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms - Closeup

This arrangement uses some of the best spring blooms and I love the mix of pastel colors. The added bonus is that it’s not difficult to arrange at all, so anyone can try their hand at putting something similar together!

Centerpiece of Spring Blooms
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you’re looking for a bit of spring relief, shop our site for some spring blooms and bring some spring sunshine to your home!


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