Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet

If you ask us what’s our most popular flower for bridal bouquets, peonies are always on the list! It’s a flower that continues to be a favorite choice among brides and we’ve put together a variety of wedding packages that include peonies.

We’ve shared several tutorials that showcase soft pastel peony varieties, but in this post, we’ll show you a bright peony bridal bouquet that showcases hot pink peonies and bright colored ranunculus for a vibrant bouquet. All of the flowers and greens are a part of our Peonies and Ranunculus package so we make it easy to create this bouquet!

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet – Tutorial

The “ingredients” we used to create our bright peony bridal bouquet:

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet - Ingredients

Step 1: Hydrate flowers

You’ll want to start with flowers that have had time to hydrate. Peonies arrive in bud stage and so they’ll need at least a day to hydrate and bloom. Ranunculus will also need some time to open up more, so make sure you have everything delivered 2 days before your event date so all the flowers get a chance to drink up!

Follow our peony care and handling tips and our ranunculus care and handling tips to know how exactly to care for these flowers when they arrive.

Step 2: Prep flowers and greens

I find that prepping all my stems makes bouquet arranging a lot easier. So that means pulling away any foliage from the flower part of the flower stems so they don’t get in the way as you’re creating the bouquet.

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet - Remove Foliage

For the greens, pull away any lower leaves that are on the stem. For larger greenery, like bush ivy, cut the stems into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet - Clean greenery stems

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet - Trim larger greenery

Step 3: Arrange your bouquet

To start arranging, I like to start with a focal flower like a peony. From there, you can tuck some greens around it.

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet - Start with focal flower

Then start to build out the bouquet from there by added ranunculus and more peonies.

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet - Add flowers and greens

You can use bush ivy or any larger leaf greenery to create a frame around your bouquet and tuck in smaller leaf greenery, like ruscus, in between blooms.

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet - Continue building bouquet

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet

Continue adding flowers and greens until you have the shape and size that you want. Then secure all the stems using floral tape.

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet - Tape stems

Step 4: Trim stems

Once the bouquet is secured, trim all the stems. It’s good practice to leave the stems a little longer at this stage so the bouquet can continue to hydrate in water. Cover the floral tape with ribbon or fabric of your choice and use floral pins to secure.

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet - Trim stems

Before the ceremony, you can give the stems a final trim to the right length. I tend to prefer stems a little shorter so it doesn’t draw the eye away from the bouquet. No one really wants to see a lot of long stems; they want to see the flowers and most importantly, the happy bride in her dress!

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet

Bright Peony Bridal Bouquet

That’s all there is to it to create this bright peony bridal bouquet! The mix of colors are so pretty and give a fun tropical feel but with lush soft and full blooms. For matching bridesmaid bouquets, you can create a similar design, but use less flowers (1-2 peonies and 5-7 ranunculus) for a more petite version.

We recommend arranging bouquets no earlier than a day before the wedding. So, if you’re getting married on a Saturday. You can get the peonies and ranunculus package delivered on Thursday, arrange the flowers on Friday and keep everything cool and in water up to the ceremony.

I hope you found this DIY tutorial helpful and we make it easy for you to design and create your own bright peony bridal bouquet with our customizable all-in-one wedding packages. If you have any questions or want to put a custom package together, just drop us a line. We are always happy to help! And if you do create your own bouquets and centerpieces, please share pictures as we love seeing all the beautiful designs our customers create!


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