Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet

Holidays are around the corner and we’re excited for all the late fall/winter season flowers! Peonies are back and so is another winter season favorite of ours: amaryllis! To celebrate, we show you a tutorial that combines both of these beauties along with garden roses and more to create a stunning blush and pale green bridal bouquet!

Amaryllis are available almost year round, but during the late fall through winter season, you’ll find the largest variety of amaryllis colors and types (like cybister amaryllis). Some of our favorites include pale pinks, peach and bright pink colors. Amaryllis is a great statement flower to use in arrangements and if you’re planning a winter wedding, you should consider including it in your flower list! The blush and pale green bridal bouquet in this tutorial is just one example of how you can incorporate amaryllis into a bouquet.

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet – DIY Tutorial

The “ingredients” we used in our blush and pale green bridal bouquet:

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Ingredients

Step 1: Prep flowers

Amaryllis and peonies typically arrive in a closed bud stage, so they’ll need time in water to open up and bloom. We recommend that you get them delivered 2 days before your event date. So, if your wedding or event is on a Saturday, then you’ll want to get flowers delivered on Thursday. That will give the flowers enough time to hydrate and open up.

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Allow bloom time

For detailed care tips, you can read our flower care posts:

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Right before you’re ready to start arranging, you’ll also want to prep your flower stems. That means carefully removing foliage from the stems and trimming off any thorns from the garden roses. Also, amaryllis can drop pollen so gently remove the anthers as soon as the blooms open. If some pollen does drop on your petals, don’t brush it off with your fingers as it will just end up making it worse. Instead, use a piece of tape to gently lift up the pollen.

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Prep stems

Step 2: Set your amaryllis

Most amaryllis have multiple blooms per stem and the blooms can face different directions which can make it tricky arrange into a bouquet. To start the bouquet, set 2 stems of amaryllis in your hand and adjust so the blooms are facing in directions you would want in your bouquet. Since amaryllis stems are hollow, you’ll want to grasp them gently so you don’t crush the stems.

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Start with Amaryllis

Step 3: Add other flowers

Once you have this set, build the bouquet out by adding flowers around the amaryllis blooms. Use peonies and garden roses to fill in the larger spaces. Then tuck in tulips, genista and greenery in the smaller gaps.

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Add peonies and garden roses

Keep a loose enough hold on the bouquet so that you can easily add flowers. You’ll notice that as you add more stems, your grip on the bouquet will start to fill out. Just remember not to squeeze too tightly because you don’t want to crush your amaryllis stems.

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Fill in bouquet

Arranging a hand-held bouquet with amaryllis is not for a beginner, so if you’re still new to flower arranging, you’ll definitely want to practice before creating a bouquet like this for a wedding or event!

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Tuck in smaller blooms

Step 4: Secure stems

Once you’ve filled out the bouquet to the size and shape that you want, give the stems a trim and secure everything together with floral tape. Floral tape needs to be pulled taut to make it sticky, but be careful not to tape up the bouquet too tightly. You don’t crush the amaryllis stems. If the stem does crack a little, don’t worry too much as the bloom should still be fine!

Once all the stems are secure, you can cover up the tape with ribbon of your choice and secure it with pins. In our example, we used a simple white satin ribbon so that the flowers get all the attention!

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Secure stems

Step 5: Marvel at your work!

That’s all there is to creating this blush and pale green bridal bouquet! We typically recommend that bridal bouquets be arranged the day before. You can keep the bouquet looking fresh by storing it in water in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Final Bouquet

The bouquet in this tutorial had a end-to-end width across of about 12-14 inches. This is a great and manageable size as a bridal bouquet, but if you want something larger, you can add another stem of amaryllis or add more garden roses and peonies to create an even fuller bouquet. For a smaller bouquet or to create smaller coordinating bridesmaid bouquets, you can decrease the number of flowers, sticking to just one amaryllis stem and fewer peonies, garden roses and tulips.

Blush and Pale Green Bridal Bouquet - Closeup

I love the subtle but gorgeous colors of this blush and pale green bridal bouquet and I hope this DIY tutorial gives you some inspiration if you’re planning an upcoming wedding or event. If you don’t need a bouquet, you can use this same mix of flowers to create a centerpiece in a vase for a beautiful arrangement. For more amaryllis inspiration, check out some of our other tutorials and posts that feature amaryllis and stay tuned for more winter season floral ideas!


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