August 2017 Calendar

August 2017 Calendar

Happy August!

We’ve been publishing our calendars now for a few years and it never ceases to surprise me at how quickly the months go by! I can’t believe that it’s August already and soon summer will be over.

Well, we intend to enjoy every last bit of of the summer season and one of our seasonal favorites are allium! So for our August 2017 calendar, we’re featuring purple allium! This beautiful family of flowers is most known for purple mini-blooms that cluster together to form a single ball shaped flower. They’re like large dandelion blooms! This is by far the most common allium, but they have a much wider range of colors and shapes than just purple!

You’ll find lavender, pink, white and even yellow! Allium can also range in size from small (about 1” across) to large (5-6” across). They also have funky shapes like allium Dready that has wild curving tendrils that remind me of troll hair! You can see it and other varieties in our allium collection.

Allium are such fun and whimsical flowers to use and the sculptural look makes them beautiful on their own. The larger allium are particularly well-suited for statement pieces and you’ll find them used in grand entrances and hotel lobbies. For a home or to mix into bouquets and centerpieces, the smaller allium varieties are perfect for adding a pop of color or some texture to an arrangement.

If you’ve never seen allium before, shop our full allium collection and give them a try while they are in season! And if you have any questions or want to learn more about using them for a wedding or event, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

I hope you have a great August and let us know what flower type you want to see in our upcoming monthly calendars!


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August 2017 Calendar

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