Anemone Flowers Care and Handling

Anemone Flowers Care and Handling

Anemone Flowers Care and Handling Guide

Anemones are such fun flowers to use and they can really elevate bouquets and centerpieces with their unique dark centered blooms. Anemones can be a bit finicky so if you’re looking for bulletproof, easy to care for flowers, these would not be at the top of the list. However, we share our anemone flowers care and handling tips for the best way to care for these gorgeous blooms so you know exactly what to do!

1. Anemones do not arrive open

Don’t be alarmed if your anemones arrived with closed blooms and look a bit tired. This is normal. Shipping anemones with fully open blooms would mean you would end up with a lot of damaged flowers! They ship better in a closed to semi-closed stage and some time in water will help them to perk right up!

Anemone Flowers - How they arrive

2. Process carefully and quickly

As soon as your anemones arrive, you’ll want to quickly process them. Carefully unwrap them (they’ll typically be in plastic or paper wrap) and cut away any tape or bands holding them together. Anemones have stems that are soft and the stems can sometimes have a natural bend to them, so if the stems get a little twisted, make sure to carefully untangle them to avoid any damage or crushing of the stems.

Anemones Flowers - Quickly Process

3. Have a clean water filled vase ready

Before giving the anemones a fresh cut, make sure you have a clean vase or bucket filled with approximately 4” to 5” of water. Room temperature is fine, but use lukewarm (not hot) water if you want your anemone blooms to open up more quickly.

Anemones Flower Care and Handling - Have vase ready

4. Give each stem a diagonal cut

Make sure you’re using sharp shears. Dull shears won’t give you a clean cut and can crush the stem which will make it harder for the flower to drink water. Cut each stem at a diagonal (this exposes more surface area to the water enabling better hydration) and make sure to cut at least 1” to 2”.

Anemones Flower Care and Handling - Cut stems at diagonal

To make clean up easier, cut the stems over paper or over the wrap the anemones came in. It will corral all the cut ends so you can easily throw them away.

Anemones Flower Care and Handling - Cut over wrap for easier cleanup

After cutting the stems, you’ll want to immediately put the anemones in water. Don’t cut the stems and then walk away for a bit. This can allow air to enter the stem which is a bad thing! Your anemones won’t be able to hydrate properly if there is an air pocket in the stem.

If there is any foliage that falls below the water line, make sure you gently remove these leaves to help keep the water clean.

5. Support Stems During Hydration

While the anemones sit in water, make sure they are supported. That means using a tall enough vase so the upper stem is propped up; or conversely cutting the stems further so they aren’t hanging too far over the side of your vase or bucket. If your anemones are particularly limp, you can loosely wrap paper around them to help them stay upright as they start to drink.

Also while anemones hydrate, make sure you don’t crowd too many of them into a vase or bucket. The blooms need a little space to open up so make sure to give them enough room.

Anemones Flower Care and Handling - Immediately place in water

6. Watch the blooms open!

The anemones will start to drink up and the open rate will vary among blooms, but after 6-8 hours in water, you should start to see the petals open up. Some blooms may take 1-2 days before they are fully open, whereas others may be fully open in less than a day. Anemones can drink a lot, so be sure to check the water levels and make sure they have enough.

Anemones Flower Care and Handling - Watch them bloom

7. Keep them fresh!

For the best vase life, keep your anemones in a cool spot away from direct sunlight and heat. Give them a fresh cut and change of water every other day to help keep them looking their best. Anemones don’t have the longest vase life, so with proper care and handling, you can expect 3-6 days on average.

Anemones Flower Care and Handling Tips

How to get anemones to bloom faster

If you’re using anemones for an event and you see that they are not opening fast enough, there are few things you can do to help speed up the process:

  • Give the stems a fresh cut and put them in warm water
  • Put them in a bright warm room, but don’t put them in direct sunlight and heat (you don’t want them to bake!)

The bright light and warmth should help the blooms to open faster. And as a VERY last resort (we only recommend this for emergencies), you can use a hair dryer set to low warm setting and gently blow warm air on the blooms to coax them into opening up. This will definitely shorten the vase life of the bloom, but for a quick emergency fix, it can help get the petals to open up.

How to slow down anemones if they are blooming too fast

On the flip side, if you find your anemones are opening too quickly, you can slow things down by putting them in cold water and keeping them in a cool dark spot (like a cool basement or closet).

We hope you find these tips helpful and you can check out our anemones page to see all the colors that we offer. We now have them available year round (yes year round!). We also have some new wedding packages that include anemones and these are perfect for weddings or really any type of event where you just want to have beautiful blooms!

If you have any questions or need help, just drop us a line ( and we’ll be happy to help!


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