2014 Fall Flowers – Pantone Inspiration

2014 Fall Flowers – Pantone Inspiration

Fall is now officially here! It doesn’t quite feel like autumn yet here in Los Angeles where the weather is still pretty warm but then again, the seasons don’t change here like they do in other parts of the world!

With the start of fall season, we’re excited about fall flowers and we turned to the folks at Pantone to get inspiration from their 2014 Fall color report:Pantone 2014 Fall ColorsIt’s not your typical fall reds and oranges, but if you love cooler purple and blue tones, then Pantone’s palette will be up your alley! We’ve taken their color picks and put together fall flowers that coordinate with their fall 2014 color report.  If you’re looking for some inspiration for a fall wedding or event, then check out the blooms we’ve chosen to match:

Fall Flowers inspired by Pantone fall 2014 color report

(1) Purple Clematis  (2) Blue Iris  (3) Lavender Mini Calla Lilies  (4) Lavender Spray Roses  (5) Silver Brunia (6)  Jackpot Blue Eryngium Thistle  (7) Baby Blue Eucalyptus  (8) Burnt Orange Dahlia  (9) Grey Succulent – Echeveria Pollux  (10) Dark Orange Spray Roses  (11) Red Orange Mini Amaryllis  (12) Butterscotch Yellow Rose – Zanzibar  (13) Ivory Peach Garden Rose – Caramel Antike  (14) Berry Red Rose – Roseberry  (15) Red Astilbe  (16) Picasso Mini Calla Lily  (17) Lavender Rose – Silverstone  (18) Lavender Carnation  (19) Lavender Sweet Peas  (20) Succulent – Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg  (21) Scabiosa Pods  (22) Purple Smoke Bush Foliage  (23) Blue Hyacinth  (24) Succulent – Echeveria Mexicana  (25) Rosemary


This fall color inspiration board is a beautiful and diverse collection of fall flowers, succulents and greens and hopefully it inspires you to come up with your own mix for a bouquet or centerpiece design. If you’re more of a traditional fall colors type of person, then you’ll want to check out our new customizable wedding packages that feature a fall flowers collection filled with plenty of red, orange and yellow blooms to choose from.  If you want to draw on more color inspiration, check out last fall’s color palette or any of the boards from our color series. You can also follow our fall weddings Pinterest board and of course always feel free to ask us any questions! Here’s to a beautiful fall season this year!



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