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Dark Pink Curcuma

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Dark Pink Curcuma

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Starting at $119.99

Curcuma is a hard to find bloom that is not known by many, but we think that will change once more people see how beautiful it is! Commonly known as “Siam Tulip”, it is not a tulip at all, but comes from the ginger family (you can see the resemblance to ginger flower!).

Each bloom has green petals at the base that transition into beautiful dark pink petals with a touch of fuchsia and sometimes a splash of dark purple red at the tips. If you want something extra special for your bridal bouquet that very few people have seen before, curcuma would be a perfect choice! Or send someone who “has it all” a bunch of these to enjoy as an exquisite gift!

Curcuma stems are at least 23 inches long and the bloom (measured from the green base) can range from 3 to 5 inches tall. The stems are slender but firm and most have a single long green leaf with a purple red stripe (which can be used as greenery for your designs). The petals at the top of the curcuma bloom will open up little more after a couple days. If you’re ordering these for an event, we recommend getting dark pink curcuma delivered 2 days before your event date. With proper care and handling, curcuma has a typical vase life of 3-5 days.

Availability: Dark pink curcuma is in season during summer months.


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