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Farm Direct Flowers

Flowers sent directly from the farm just last longer than flowers that travel from the farm, to an exporter, to an importer, to a wholesaler, to a retailer and then to you. Many people are not aware of the wild ride that most flowers take before you finally get them to enjoy in your home; it’s no wonder that so many people complain about flowers dying quickly when you take a look at what most flowers go through before they get to you:

Flower Muse Farm Direct Difference

At Flower Muse, our flowers have a much simpler path directly to you (we like to keep things simple whenever we can!). You’ll be enjoying your flowers within days after they are cut and you can’t get much fresher than this!

Additionally, when we talk about “farm direct” flowers, the operative word is FARM. There are a lot of companies who claim to be farm direct, but are simply warehousing operations who have nothing to do with growing flowers. There are also farms which cut corners and produce flowers that are just passable. Beyond this, there are amazing and wonderful farms in this world which take great pride in producing the best flowers possible. We are proud to say that all the farms we work with are exceptional.

Our farms and our good friends who work on them every day, have made some incredible contributions to the world of flowers like:

  • Revolutionizing the world’s understanding of how to best care for roses after they are harvested; resulting in a significant improvement in rose vase life
  • Developing incredible new flower varieties in color combinations that had never been seen before
  • Testing thousands of new varieties to understand what makes each variety grow best, what to expect for vase life, what type of fragrance to expect, etc.
  • Developing environmentally friendly ways to grow flowers such as organic fertilizers and natural pest control.

These farms, and the flowers they grow, are the best of the best. That’s why we are so comfortable offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee; we know that you just can’t find better flowers than those grown by our partner farms.


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