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Pepperberry Garland

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Due to weather conditions, the supply of pepperberries is low this season and so we will not be able to offer it as a garland option. Please check out our other available garlands and feel free to email us with any questions (info@flowermuse.com).

Pepperberry garland is a beautiful green for the holidays with its pink and red colored pepperberries and slender green foliage. The color combination is classic holiday colors that would make a beautiful natural decoration for your home.

 Our garlands have an approximate width of 5 inches and are made to order from our California farms and shipped direct to you. With proper care our pepperyberry garland should last a week. As the garland ages, it is natural for the pepperberries and leaves to fall off and so this should be placed where it is out of reach from children and pets. Our garland should be used for indoor use only and kept away from heat and direct sunlight. If you’re ordering this for an event, we recommend getting pepperberry garland delivered 1-2 days before your event. Note: pepperberry is grown for decorative use only and should not be consumed.

Availability: Our pepperberry garland is typically available late fall through early winter season. 

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