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Broccoli Carnations

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Broccoli carnation is a unique bloom that most people have never even seen or heard of!  It’s a newer dianthus variety that is related to the common carnation, but has a much different look! The small bloom is formed by layers and layers of small light green petals that look like leaves with hints of white.  The petals are in a tight cluster forming what slightly resembles a head of broccoli! If you’re looking for something new and different with a unique texture, this is a perfect flower to use in your bouquet or centerpiece designs.

Each stem measures at least 20 inches tall and bloom width on average is approximately 1 inch. The bloom stays in a tight shape and does not open up.  If you’re ordering these for an event, we recommend delivery 2 days before.

**We're so sorry, but we've sold out of this variety for the season! If you have any questions or would like to inquire about future availability of this product, please contact us at (info@flowermuse.com).**

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