WTF? (What’s That Flower?): Nigella

WTF? (What’s That Flower?): Nigella

Have you seen a little star shaped bloom surrounded by a mist of thread-like greens appearing more and more lately?

White Nigella Flower

You were most likely looking at nigella which is also often called love-in-a-mist. This beautiful bloom is a favorite cottage garden plant where varieties have names like “Miss Jekyll” or “Persian Jewels”.  The plethora of names you might hear in reference to nigella reflects what a fun and whimsical flower it is. It’s also sometimes referred to as devil in a bush (my guess is because of the devilish shape of the seed pods), but this name does no justice for how pretty and unassuming nigella flowers are!

Nigella comes in a variety of colors from white, pink, yellow to blue. Natural blue flowers are far and few between, so it’s a real treat to use blue nigella in floral designs when you want to have a touch of blue!

Blue Nigella FlowerThe blooms are small (on average about 1” across) and make a great filler flower to add not only color, but fine texture as well. The foliage on nigella reminds me of fennel or dill leaves – very thin and fine. The bloom can fit in well with a variety of design styles and the wispy and dainty look is particularly suited for a just picked from the garden type wildflower feel.

Chocolate Nigella Flowers

Nigella flower season is typically late spring and through summer and, depending on weather, even through early fall. The blooms look very delicate, but actually hold quite well and average vase life is about 3-5 days before petals start to fall.

For DIY newbies or floral design beginners, you’ll find that nigella flowers are easy to work with. The stems are firm and upright and easy to insert into arrangements. Each stem oftentimes has multiple blooms making it a great choice to help fill in your design. You can see how I used white and chocolate nigella in this DIY centerpiece tutorial.

Centerpiece with nigella

I hope this introduction to nigella has helped add to your flower knowledge and if you want to use it for your wedding or event, you can check out our nigella page to see all the colors we offer. If you have any questions, just leave us a comment or drop us a line. We’re here to help!



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