Winter White and Green Flowers Bouquet

Winter White and Green Flowers Bouquet

If you’re planning a winter wedding and are forgoing more traditional dark red and burgundy colors, you might be surprised that there is an abundant choice of flowers and colors in the winter season. Beautiful blooms like tulips and peonies are available (albeit the color choices may be more limited than during the peak spring season for these blooms).

To give you an example of what’s possible, I put together this winter white and green flowers bouquet that has a fresh spring look and is made with flowers that can be found during the winter season.

The “ingredients” to this bouquet:

Winter White and Green Flowers Bouquet Ingredients

You’ll want to make sure your flowers have had at least a day in water before you begin arranging them. This allows time for the flowers to fully hydrate and let the blooms open up (especially the peonies).  Make sure to hydrate the paperwhites in their own separate vase as they can exude a sap that will reduce the vase life of other flowers.

Prep your blooms by removing foliage from the peonies and tulips.

Prep blooms - remove foliage

Also, you’ll want to prep the paperwhites by removing the thin papery layer for a cleaner look. And you can also gently trim off excess leaves.

Clean up paperwhites

You should also prep your greens by removing any foliage from the lower part of the stems. This will make it much easier to arrange the bouquet.

Remove lower foliage from greens

Begin creating the bouquet by using greens with sturdy stems (like bush ivy) to create a frame. Then place the peonies (our feature bloom) in the center. I like to offset the blooms so they sit at different heights to help create volume.

Create frame using sturdy greens

Then use the parrot tulips and paperwhites to fill in the bouquet. It’s also nice to let some of the tulips just naturally drape down.

Fill in bouquet with tulips and paperwhites

You can use cut ivy to create a cascade of greens and fill in other spaces with olive branch foliage (or other greens of your choice). Once you’re happy with the bouquet, secure the stems with floral tape and wrap with ribbon of your choice.

Winter White and Green Flowers Bouquet

Winter White and Green Flowers Bouquet - closeup

Winter White and Green Flowers Bouquet - top view

This winter white and green flowers bouquet is not too difficult to create with only a few different flowers and greens. Just a few stems of peonies can really pack a punch in creating a gorgeous bouquet. If these aren’t in your budget, then you can substitute with white roses, hydrangea or oriental lilies to name a few lower cost alternatives.

I hope this helps provide some inspiration and show that you it’s possible to create a spring-like bouquet even if your wedding is in December!  If you have any questions, just leave a comment or drop us a line!




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