White, Pink and Blush Spring Flowers Centerpiece

White, Pink and Blush Spring Flowers Centerpiece

Spring is here and soon wedding season will be upon us! Among our wedding customers, the most popular flower colors for wedding flowers are white, pink and blush. So, I thought it would be fun to combine all these colors and show you a quick tutorial on creating a white, pink, and blush spring flowers centerpiece.

The “ingredients” to this DIY centerpiece:

White, Pink and Blush Spring Flowers Centerpiece Ingredients

As always with floral arranging, you want to make sure you’re working with flowers that have been fully hydrated. That means the flowers have had a fresh cut and hydrated in water for at least 5-7 hours. The flowers you see used in this tutorial have been hydrating for 1-2 days. You don’t need to worry about keeping them in a floral cooler during this time. Just keep the flowers in a cool room away from direct sunlight and heat.

You’ll also want to process the blooms so they are ready for arranging. That means trimming off any foliage that would sit below the water line and removing thorns and any guard petals from the garden roses.

White, Pink and Blush Spring Flowers Centerpiece - Prep Flowers

For this centerpiece, I’m using a simple glass cylinder vase (8″ x 4″) with a gold honeycomb pattern. The gold color really adds more formal look to the arrangement vs. a simple plain glass cylinder vase.

To begin arranging, I like to start with a focal flower like a pink protea. You’ll want to cut down the stem so the bloom sits a couple inches above the top edge of the vase. If any leaves are in the water, just gently pluck them away.

White, Pink and Blush Spring Flowers Centerpiece - Set focal flowers

Next, arrange the garden roses into the vase and make sure to crisscross the stems. This sets up a matrix that will help support less rigid flower stems like the tulips and anemones.

White, Pink and Blush Spring Flowers Centerpiece - Arrange flowers

Tuck in the other flowers and greens to start filling in the gaps. Don’t be afraid to let the tulips naturally bend out the sides and be sure to cut the flowers so they sit at varying heights. This helps give the overall arrangement a natural flow.

White, Pink and Blush Spring Flowers Centerpiece - Add secondary flowers

I set the second stem of protea higher and diagonally from the other one. This helps create a contrasting point, but still ties the whole arrangement together.

White, Pink and Blush Spring Flowers Centerpiece - Balance structure

Don’t be afraid to pull out stems and re-arrange or re-cut stems as needed until you find the right balance and structure that you like. That’s all there is to it and you’ll find it’s really quite easy to put together a white, pink and blush spring flowers centerpiece like this together!

The mix of flowers may seem complex, but even for a newbie, this would be easy to arrange with a little practice. A centerpiece like this would be perfect for gifting to someone for a special day (like Mother’s Day!) or for a spring wedding or event.

White, Pink and Blush Spring Flowers Centerpiece

The vase I used might be too tall for a reception table, unless you purposefully don’t want people to see each other across the table! ;) You could easily make a similar arrangement in a shorter vase to lower the overall height. A shorter vase may make it a little harder to create a crisscross of stems, but you can use a floral frog, wire floral netting (aka chicken wire), or tape off a grid at the top of your vase to help give the stems more support.

I hope you find this DIY tutorial helpful and that it inspires you to create something on your own! Stay tuned for more tutorials on DIY bouquets and centerpieces and you can check out our archive of flower tutorials for more ideas. If you have any questions or want to learn more about a floral topic, just drop us an email or leave a comment below! Here’s to a wonderful spring season!


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