White and Dark Purple Bouquet

White and Dark Purple Bouquet

Summer is now officially here and that means wedding season is kicking into high gear! We recently had some beautiful white peonies in our studio along with some dark purple blooms, so I couldn’t resist creating a white and dark purple bouquet to show the beautiful contrast! For a black and white color scheme this would be a gorgeous arrangement to use since the natural dark purple is almost close to a black color.

The “ingredients” to this white and dark purple bouquet:

White and Dark Purple Bouquet - Ingredients

For this bouquet, you’ll want to make sure your peonies have had plenty of time to open up. If you need tips on how to speed up the process check out our post on peony care and handling.

Before arranging, I like to prep all my stems by pulling off all lower foliage from the stems.

White and Dark Purple Bouquet - Prep Stems

Start with the feature flower – peonies of course – and begin to build out the bouquet from there.

White and Dark Purple Bouquet - Step 1

Set the dark purple mini calla lilies against the white peonies and tuck in the allium, cerinthe and hosta leaves to create finer texture and color contrasts in the bouquet.

White and Dark Purple Bouquet - Step 2

The cerinthe has a natural curve (it always reminds me of sea horses!) and I like to just let them curve out from the bouquet to create some natural flowing lines.

Just keep adding to the bouquet until you have the shape and size you like and then hold everything together by wrapping the stems with floral tape.

White and Dark Purple Bouquet - Wrap stems

Wrap the stems with ribbon of your choice and I used a variety of ribbons in white to dark purple shades that I pinned to the bouquet to allow them to flow down.

White and Dark Purple Bouquet

I love any bouquet with peonies and the addition of variegated leaves like hosta and unique smaller blooms like cerinthe and allium give this bouquet a unique look, perfect for a bride looking for something a little different!

White and Dark Purple Bouquet - Closeup

This combination of blooms would also look great as a centerpiece and will definitely have your guests asking what kind of flowers are those?!

White and Dark Purple Bouquet - As Centerpiece

I hope this tutorial gives you some inspiration to create something unique for your own wedding or event. If you have any questions, just drop us a line and let us know!



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