White and Blush Pink Centerpiece

White and Blush Pink Centerpiece

It’s summer time and typically that means brighter colors, but I’m a sucker for pale blushes and white which always seem to be in style, so I wanted to share a tutorial for an easy white and blush pink centerpiece that is a piece of cake to arrange!

The “ingredients” to this white and blush pink centerpiece:

White and Blush Pink Centerpiece - Ingredients

You might be thinking peonies right now in July? You’re right that peonies are no longer in season for most of the continental US, but Alaskan grown peonies are just beginning their season, so you can definitely plan to have peonies if you want them for a July wedding or event.

Before you start arranging, you’ll want to work with flowers that have been fully hydrated in water for at least one day (even two would be okay). This will give the peony blooms and spray roses time to open up.

For this arrangement, I’m using a simple faux concrete vase that is approximately 6” wide. I love the combination of a muted grey tone with white and blush shades, but a simple glass vase would work beautifully as well.

If you’re still new to floral arranging and need a little extra help, you can use tape to create a grid on the top of your vase. This will make it easier to set in each flower stem since the grid will provide extra support. I like to start with a main bloom (like a peony here) that I want to make sure is front and center.

White and Blush Pink Centerpiece - Step 1

From there, add in more peonies and hydrangeas to the arrangement. If you criss-cross the stems as you place them in the vase, that will help keep the flowers in place if you’re not using a grid.

White and Blush Pink Centerpiece - Step 2

Once all your large flowers are in place, use the spray roses to fill in the gaps between the hydrangeas and peonies.

White and Blush Pink Centerpiece - Step 3

After that, you’re done! This easy white and blush pink centerpiece keeps things simple and uses only three different flower types. If you wanted to create something a little more complex, you could spruce it up with some additional filler flowers (like astrantia or astilbe) or add in some greens like hosta leaves or dusty miller.

White and Blush Pink Centerpiece

It’s such a simple but still luscious looking centerpiece that would look beautiful at a wedding reception or at a bridal or baby shower.

White and Blush Pink Centerpiece - Closeup

I hope this inspires you to create something you love for yourself and share with us if you do! We love seeing how talented you all are! Enjoy the summer!



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