Summer Lavender Purple Bouquet

Summer Lavender Purple Bouquet

I’ve been featuring a lot of pink pastels lately, so I thought for this week’s post, I’d mix it up and feature a lavender purple bouquet. I know some of our customers love purple shades and often ask for advice on choosing the best purple flowers. The purple and lavender blooms I used here are all available during the summer season, so this is a great mix of flowers if you’re planning a purple themed wedding or event this season!

The “ingredients” for this lavender purple bouquet:

Lavender Purple Bouquet - Ingredients

As always, you’ll want to make sure you’re using flowers that have been fully hydrated. I typically work with flowers that have been in water for a full day (at a minimum, 4-6 hours). Flowers will hold better in your arrangements when they have had a chance to drink up lots of water!

You’ll also want to prep some of your flowers by snipping away any foliage from the dahlias and stock. If your waxflower is particularly large, you can trim off smaller stems so they are more manageable to arrange.

To start arranging, pick out the flower you want to feature in the center of your bouquet. I chose a purple dahlia. From there, just start to group other flowers around your center bloom.

Lavender Purple Bouquet - Arranging

Tuck in the smaller sized flowers like the waxflower between larger ones and set the flowers at different heights to create volume as you build out your bouquet. It’s okay to have some blooms overlap others. I personally like how the allium peek out from under some of the mini calla lilies creating a beautiful contrast in textures.

Lavender Purple Bouquet - Arranging

Continue to add flowers until you have the shape and size that you like and then secure everything together with floral tape, give the stems an even trim and then wrap the stems in ribbon (purple or lavender satin or silk ribbon would be a great choice).

Lavender Purple Bouquet - Wrap stems

That’s all there is to it to create a bouquet like this! For a wedding, you could create a large version of this for the bride and smaller sized ones for the bridesmaids. Or, for more contrast, you can keep the bridesmaid bouquets simple by just using a few types of flowers or even just mini calla lilies as a bouquet.

Lavender Purple Bouquet

Lavender Purple Bouquet - Closeup

I love the combination of purple shades with bits of lavender and white mixed in for some variation. This same combination of flowers would work well in a centerpiece too!

Lavender Purple Bouquet

If you love these colors, but your wedding or event is not during the summer, then you can still create this with other types of flowers. I’ve listed below some alternatives you can use when some of these flowers are not in season:

I hope that this helps give you ideas for your own wedding and inspires you to create your own design! Check out our blog for other purple and lavender inspiration and if you have any questions, just leave us a comment below!


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    Such beautiful colors! I love lavender and purples – and this looks great together. The bold ribbon really brings it together!

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