Spring Pastels DIY Centerpiece

Spring Pastels DIY Centerpiece

We’re well into the spring season and with Easter around the corner, the color palettes I see everywhere are soft pastels like pink, peach, lavender, pale yellow and green. I love the combination of these diffused colors and that is the inspiration for this easy spring pastels DIY centerpiece that I’ll show you how to put together.

The “ingredients” for this centerpiece:

Spring Pastels DIY Centerpiece - Ingredients

I love the color combination of these rainbow sorbet roses!  We gave it that name because it reminds us of the ice cream flavor!

Rainbow Sorbet Roses

Before arranging flowers, you should always let them hydrate for at least a few hours before working with them. For this arrangement, I wanted a low and long vase so that this centerpiece would fit nicely on a long dining table without obscuring anyone’s view. Of course, you could arrange it in any shape of low container or vase and just vary the number of stems you use depending on the size of the arrangement you want.

I chose a wooden vase to give the centerpiece a natural and more rustic feel.  This one has a plastic insert to hold water, but if you don’t have this, you can insert smaller glass jars or clear plastic cups to keep things from leaking.

To start, cut down stems of hydrangea and begin placing these spaced apart in the vase. I left some of the leaves on to provide a bit of darker green contrast.

Spring Pastels DIY Centerpiece - Step 1

Next, cut down the roses and use them to fill in the gaps, tucking different colors into different spaces until you’ve filled out the centerpiece.

Spring Pastels DIY Centerpiece - Step 2

Voila! You are done! It’s a quick and easy arrangement to put together and it makes for a pretty centerpiece for an Easter or spring brunch table or a baby or bridal shower. It’s also a perfect centerpiece for a wedding and easy on budgets too.

Spring Pastels DIY Centerpiece - Side

Spring Pastels DIY Centerpiece - Front

Spring Pastels DIY Centerpiece - Closeup

I know it’s not feeling like spring everywhere yet (sorry East Coasters!), but sunnier weather is coming and hope this quick and easy tutorial for this spring pastels DIY centerpiece helped inspire and at least warm up your day!




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    Hi Ellie,

    Another good flowers again..
    Im inlove with this. The colors are very relaxing.

    Im living in UAE, these flowers would be a good idea to have especially summer just started here.

    More power to your blog.


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