Spring Flowers – Pantone Inspiration

Spring Flowers – Pantone Inspiration

Today is officially the first day of spring! While not everyone is experiencing sunny spring weather yet, the spring equinox is a signal that soon gardens all around will blossom with flowers (if they haven’t already)!

Last fall, we put together a board of Fall Flowers all inspired by Pantone’s picks for fall colors of the year. So, to celebrate the start of spring, we take a look at Pantone’s Spring Colors of 2014 for inspiration again. The palette has a mix of warm reds and oranges and vibrant yellow and blues with some cooler greens and neutral shades in the collection. There is definitely a little something for everyone!

We picked out some of our favorite spring flowers that coordinate with Pantone’s spring colors:

2014 Spring Flowers

 (1) Two-tone Red Carnations  (2) “Free Spirit” Pink Peach Garden Rose  (3) Coral Peonies  (4) Orange Germini  (5) “High Magic” Rose  (6) Orange Double Bloom Tulips  (7) Yellow Double Bloom Tulip  (8) Yellow Daffodil  (9) “Toulouse Lautrec” Garden Rose  (10) Kiwi Green Hydrangea  (11) Silver Sage Succulent – Echeveria Hookerii  (12) Blue Muscari  (13) Blue Hydrangea  (14) Blue Magic Iris  (15) Blue Jackpot Eryngium  (16) Blue Hyacinth  (17) Lavender Sweet Peas  (18) Lavender Lilac  (19) “Moody Blue” Lavender Rose  (20) Purple Dahlia  (21) Pink Clematis  (22) Grey Succulent – Echeveria Pollux  (23) Silver Brunia  (24) Wheat  (25) Scabiosa Pods

If you’re planning a spring wedding or event, we hope this provides some inspiration to put together a color theme that works for you! You can check out our other color series posts for more inspiration including a whole board of flowers inspired by Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid.  We also have a Spring Wedding Flowers page on our site for more ideas or check out our Spring Weddings Board on Pinterest. We’re always happy to help you figure out what flowers will work for whatever color palette you’re looking to match, so feel free to reach out anytime with questions.



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