September 2016 Calendar

September 2016 Calendar

Happy September!

Can you believe that it’s September already? It’ll be fall season soon and all of us at Flower Muse are not quite ready to give up summer just yet! So for our September 2016 calendar, I chose something bright that reminds me of summer sunshine, but the golden tones also have me looking forward to the upcoming fall season! So the perfect pick? Yellow Ranunculus!

Ranunculus used to be a seasonal flower, available only for part of the year, but now that there are more farms growing ranunculus in different parts of the world, it’s a flower that’s available year round! We love all the fun bright colors that ranunculus come in. You can see our full color lineup on our ranunculus page. Our latest addition is a beautiful coral salmon ranunculus. And, now we also have gift sized ranunculus packages that come in colorful mixes of fun bright colors or choose your own favorite shade to send to someone special!

Also, if you want to learn more about these beautiful flowers and also get tips on how to care for them, you can read more in our ranunculus care and handling blog post. They are not the easiest flower to care for, but if you follow our tips, it’ll ensure you get the most of your ranunculus blooms!

I hope you have a wonderful September and if you have any requests for the rest of the calendars this year, drop us a line and let us know!


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September 2016 Calendar

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