Red Pink Clematis Bouquet

Red Pink Clematis Bouquet

One of the best things about my job is seeing all the new flower varieties that we bring in to quality check and test to see how they perform. (You can see this in our behind the scenes posts on instagram!) Recently we had some beautiful clematis flowers that were just simply stunning! We also had some new flowers like chelone and thlaspi that you don’t see used too often in the US. So, what does one do when surrounded by such gorgeous blooms – well, naturally I had to create something fun!

The “ingredients” to this red pink clematis bouquet:

  • 7-8 stems of pink and white clematis
  • 7-8 stems of white clematis
  • 6 stems of burgundy red clematis
  • 3-4 stems of thlapsi
  • 4 stems of pink stock (available by request)
  • 3-4 stems of pink chelone
  • 5 stems green cut ivy (available by request)
  • 2 stems jasmine vine (available by request)

Red Pink White Clematis Bouquet Ingredients

To start, you’ll want to prep your blooms by removing lower foliage from the stems of stock and chelone.

Red Pink Clematis Bouquet - Flower Prep

A stem of thlaspi can be bigger than you’ll want to use, so I cut off laterals into smaller more manageable pieces.

Red Pink Clematis Bouquet - Thlaspi Prep

Start forming the bouquet by arranging a few stems of stock and chelone as a center point; then fill in the bouquet with stems of clematis and more chelone and stock. I wanted the different colors of clematis to take center stage in this bouquet, so I placed them prominently on the outer edges and used the chelone and stock to fill in the “background” areas.

Red Pink Clematis Bouquet

Use the thlaspi to add texture in gaps within the bouquet and for a loose and free flowing look, place some stems of clematis so they “pour out” from the bouquet. Clematis is a vine plant and its thin pliable stems make it a perfect flower to create elegant fluid designs.

Adding Thlaspi for texture

Use vine greens like ivy and jasmine to enhance the natural organic look, letting some drape off from the sides.

Red Pink Clematis Bouquet

Once you have the shape and size you want, wrap up the stems with floral tape to hold everything together. One nice thing about working with clematis is that the thin stem size means less bulk; making the bouquet easier and lighter to hold for the bride and bridesmaids.

Red Pink Clematis Bouquet

I love how delicate everything looks in this bouquet, but most of the flowers used actually hold up quite well when properly cared for. This bouquet is perfect to use for a summer wedding when you can find clematis, stock, chelone and thlaspi all in season.

Red Pink Clematis Bouquet - Side

Red Pink Clematis Bouquet - Closeup

This is also a great mix of flowers to use when you want unique blooms you don’t see all the time.  Every bride wants her bouquet to be memorable and a bouquet like this will definitely leave an impression!

Hope this inspires you to create your own beautiful DIY bouquet and if you have any questions, leave a comment or drop us a line. We love hearing from you!



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