Quick and Easy Flower Arranging Tips

Quick and Easy Flower Arranging Tips

Last week, FJ, our flower expert did a floral demonstration at the Simon Pearce store in Greenwich, CT.  We love showing people how easy it can be to arrange flowers for gifting or for decorating your home.  It doesn’t have to be a daunting task and really in the end, it’s pretty hard to mess up beautiful fresh flowers!

Flower Arranging Tips

I thought it would be great to share some of the tips that FJ shared at the event with our readers here, especially with Mother’s Day coming up.  Flowers always make a great gift (see our last post about choosing flowers to give mom) and they’re also great to spruce up a table for a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner.

For flower care and handling tips, you can visit our page that covers basic instructions, but most flowers need a 1” trim before placing them in 3-4” of room temperature water (calla lilies are the exception – they do best with only 1-1.5” of water).  To get the most vase life out of your flowers, you should re-cut the stems every 2-3 days and change out the water each time.  Vase life will vary depending on the flower type.  Some will last only 3-5 days whereas we’ve had some flowers last over a month!

For those who are new to arranging or just want to be able to do something quick and easy, we recommend using only one type of flower (we call this going “mono-botanical”).  A vase full of the same flowers is easy to arrange and can still provide a stunning effect.  Just take a look at some of the examples from last week.

Roses (like these “Free Spirit” garden roses) look great in a simple glass vase.  Or you can do something a little more unique and serve up a platter of roses by arranging them in a deeper dish, like FJ did with red “Hearts” garden roses.

Rose Arrangements

Part of the fun of getting farm direct flowers is that you get to see the blooming process because you’re getting the flowers only a few days after they’ve been cut. These lilies haven’t opened yet, but they still create a wonderful sculptural display.  Once these open, the room will be filled with lily blooms!  The wonderful thing about this arrangement is that it only requires you to drop the stems into a vase!  No need to do much more beyond that!

Lily Arrangements

Another easy way to display flowers is to use existing containers you may already have. These “Coral Charm” peonies are eye-catching in a simple glass pitcher.  You can further accentuate a table by placing a single peony bloom on each place setting.

Peonies arrangement

I know some people have a hard time with some flowers like tulips and ranunculus because they sometimes seem to have a mind of their own when they bend and twist in different ways.  We say – why fight it and use it to your advantage! FJ placed these beautiful “Rococo” parrot tulips in a wide open vase to allow them to move as they please.  Minimal fussing and they still look impressive on the console table!

Tulip arrangement

You can create the same effect on a smaller scale like with these pink ranunculus in a small vase.  Just letting them go where they want to gives this mini arrangement a natural and unforced look.  Just placing a few of these around the house will add a nice whimsical touch to your décor.

Ranunculus arrangement

I hope you enjoyed some of these quick and easy tips to arrange flowers. With Mother’s Day around the corner, you can be your own floral designer and create something beautiful for mom even if it’s your first time trying – just don’t be afraid! The beauty of using lovely fresh flowers is that they’re going to look great no matter what you do, so don’t forget to order your Mother’s Day flowers soon!




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