Purple Bouquet With Tulips

Purple Bouquet With Tulips

Being in southern California, I know that we’re fortunate to have great weather pretty much year round. There isn’t the drastic change in seasons like other parts of the US and I think that we do miss out on the beauty of and appreciation for when spring starts to show signs that it’s coming soon! Daffodils start to peek out and we get to look forward to even more types of spring flowers.

One quintessential spring flower I love is tulips. There are so many kinds of tulips that it is almost mind boggling! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can read our post about different types of tulips. One of my absolute favorites is a parrot tulip called “Secret” which came into season a few weeks ago. A close second favorite is another stunning purple beauty called “Mysterious” which is now back in season at our Dutch farm. I’m so excited that we can make this available again. Just take a look at the bloom, it definitely has a certain mystique about it!

Purple Parrot Tulip - Mysterious

I love the jagged edges of the petals and “Mysterious” opens up fairly wide to reveal its inner beauty too:

"Mysterious" purple parrot tulip - opened

I had some other tulips in the studio and so I was inspired to put together a purple bouquet featuring these beauties. The “ingredients” for this DIY bouquet recipe:

Before making this bouquet, the tulips I used had been hydrating for a couple days so the blooms opened up some more. Make sure to hydrate your tulips in a container tall enough where the stems are supported upright. If they are in too short of a vase, the stems will naturally start to bend over towards any sunlight and also from the weight of the bloom head.

First step, I stripped the leaves from each stem so that the flowers would be easier to work with:

Strip leaves from flowers

With everything laid out, start to form the bouquet stem by stem. I made sure to put stems of “Mysterious” towards the front since I want them to be the star! If you have a few stems of tulips that bend more than you like, support them with a sturdier flower like ranunculus or mini calla lilies.

Double Headed Picasso mini calla lily

Once you have the size bouquet that you want, tape the stems to keep everything together. For a bridal bouquet, wrap the bouquet stems with ribbon of your choice. You’ll notice that I left the stems long so that the bouquet could be easily placed in water so the blooms stay fresh and the ribbon stays dry. Just trim the stems down and towel dry them right before the ceremony. You don’t want to drip water on the bride’s beautiful dress! And the finished product:

Purple Bouquet - Finished

Purple Bouquet - front view

Purple Bouquet - side view

Purple Bouquet - top view

I hope this has you looking forward to spring! We can’t wait for even more flowers and colors to come back into season!




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