Pink Peach Bouquet with Tulips

Pink Peach Bouquet with Tulips

If you follow us on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen all the tulips in our feed. We can’t help it….it’s almost spring which means A LOT more tulip varieties are now in season from our Dutch farm! Last month, I shared a purple bouquet with tulips that featured one of my favorite parrot tulips called “Mysterious”. Today I thought I would share a pink peach bouquet, also featuring – tulips! The colors in this one are so delicious!

If you’re having a spring wedding or just planning to use spring pastels, a bouquet like this could be a perfect fit and is not difficult to arrange.

The ingredients to this DIY bouquet:

Pink Peach Bouquet Ingredients

The tulips I used in this bouquet hydrated in water for a couple days, so that the blooms would open up.  One note: tulips can be difficult to arrange if the stems bend and curve. To avoid curving stems, make sure to put your blooms in a vase that fully supports the flowers. If the vase is too low, the stems will naturally bend over the top from the weight of the bloom. Tulips are phototropic flowers meaning that they’ll grow towards light, so a light source from above (if possible) will help keep them upright. Otherwise, keep them from getting too much sun in any one direction to avoid them bending towards the light.

To start, you’ll first need to prep your tulips by carefully removing any leaves. Also, depending on the size of your waxflower, you may want to snip off some laterals so you have shorter and more manageable stems to work with.

Prepping tulips and waxflower

To begin, I started first with the tulips and then slowly built the bouquet adding mini calla lilies. I tucked in sprigs of waxflower to provide some finer texture to the whole bouquet.

Forming the bouquet

Just keep adding to your bouquet until you have the size that you want. If your tulips are a bit bendier then you like, then use mini calla lilies to help support the tulips. Once finished, tape up the stems and wrap the bouquet in ribbon of your choice.

Pink Peach Bouquet - design in progress

The finished bouquet has such a soft dreamy look, but the jagged edges of the fringed tulips and the ruffled petals of the parrot tulips add a unique touch that gives this bouquet a distinctive look. If you’re looking for a bouquet design that is not commonly seen, then this will definitely fit the bill!

Pink Peach Bouquet with Tulips


Pink Peach Bouquet with Tulips


Pink Peach Bouquet Side View

I hope you liked this pink peach bouquet with tulips and stay tuned as we’ll be bringing more spring inspiration to you. If you’re not already following us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, be sure to add us to see more pics of unique tulips and other flowers! Also check out all the tulip varieties that we now have available.




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