Pink Bouquet with Peonies and Lilies

Pink Bouquet with Peonies and Lilies

With peonies now in season, I thought it would be nice to put together a DIY bouquet that features these beautiful blooms. Peonies are pricier than other flowers; however, that doesn’t mean you need to forgo having them at your wedding or event! You can splurge on a few peonies and create something beautiful by mixing them with other more budget friendly flowers.

The ingredients used in this bouquet:

Pink Bouquet with Peonies and Lilies - Ingredients

This is a long list of ingredients and putting a more complex bouquet together is not something we recommend for someone who has never done this before; however, if you have done some floral arranging, then this should be right up your alley! Also, you can easily substitute many of these blooms for others to make it even more budget-friendly. Regular tulips can stand in for parrot and fringed tulips and some of the smaller blooms like sweet peas and scabiosa can just be omitted.

You’ll want to work with flowers that have had time to hydrate in water and blooms have started to open, especially for the peonies and lilies. (If you need to get your lilies to open faster, you can read our post about this with our tips here). Lilies are such beautiful blooms, but they that have lost some popularity in bridal bouquets. They are a classic flower and the large size blooms can really help add volume if you want a larger sized bouquet.

To start, make sure you’ve removed the stamens from inside the blooms. You don’t want pollen dropping everywhere (especially on a bridal gown!).  You’ll want to carefully choose a stem that has blooms sitting where you would want them in your bouquet.  Our lilies typically have at least 3 blooms per stem so if you need to, you can trim off a bloom to get the right fit and look.

Prepping lily stems

I started with a stem of lilies and centered the peonies as a focal point of the bouquet.

Pink Bouquet with Peonies and lilies as focal flowers

You can start to fill out the bouquet with the other smaller blooms. I like to group a few stems of similar flowers and place these in different spots of the bouquet.

Pink Bouquet with peonies and lilies - in progress

For a more organic natural shape, you can layer the flowers by setting them at differing heights. Also naturally let longer blooms like tulips and sweet peas to “flow out”.

Pink bouquet - Creating different heights and textures

It’s also fun to tuck in little “surprises” or pops of color within the bouquet. The dark scabiosa blooms provide a nice contrast to the lighter blooms. When tucked into smaller spaces on the sides or back, they add a fun little touch without overpowering the overall bouquet.

Pink Peony - with some contrasting colors

As you build the bouquet, you can fill in empty areas with smaller blooms like the astrantia, mini carnations and greens. Once you have the bouquet to the size and shape you like, wrap it up with floral tape to keep it all together. Give the stems a trim and make sure to leave some extra length so the bouquet can be easily placed in water. You can then wrap it with ribbon of your choice. I used a white satin ribbon around the stems and used a mix of white, light pink and grey ribbon to trail down the bouquet.

Pink Bouquet with peonies and lilies

Before the ceremony, trim down the stems once more and the bouquet is ready to make its debut! This pink bouquet with peonies and lilies is a great way to create a bouquet with just a couple peonies. You can make a box of 10 or 20 stems of peonies go far when you mix them with other flowers and still create a beautiful lush look.

Pink Bouquet with peonies and lilies - close-up

Hope you enjoyed this DIY and feel free to ask any questions you might have. Hope you’re enjoying the peony season as much as we are!



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