Pink and White Spring Bouquet

Pink and White Spring Bouquet

Spring is officially only 15 days away!  That means soon the cold weather and snow will be things of the past! To get into a spring mood, I put together this pink and white spring bouquet featuring some beautiful blooms that are currently in season!

The “ingredients” to this pink and white spring bouquet:

Pink and White Spring Bouquet - Ingredients

If you haven’t yet seen it on our site, these pink and green pon pon ranunculus are the newest addition to our lineup – aren’t they gorgeous? They are only in season for a short time, so it’s a real treat to get them! If they aren’t in season, you could substitute with regular ranunculus that would look just as nice.

Pink and Green Pon Pon Ranunculus

To start, I like to prep all my blooms and lay them out so I can easily grab stems as I’m arranging. For the hyacinths, you’ll want to work with blooms that have had at least a couple days in water so the blooms are open. If you aren’t familiar with hyacinth care, these are one of the few flowers that you actually do NOT want to trim. These typically arrive in bud form and all you need to do is put them straight into water and watch as the blooms start to open in 1-2 days

Pink and White Spring Bouquet - White Hyacinths

For the pon pon ranunculus, carefully pull away any lower foliage. It’ll make them easier to insert into the bouquet.

Pink and White Spring Bouquet - Prepping Ranunculus

To start, I like to create a frame for the bouquet using the green bush ivy. These have sturdy stems and beautiful glossy leaves. Also depending on the season, the may have clusters of dark berries that add a fun touch! Sometimes a single stem of bush ivy can be big and unwieldy so if that’s the case, just cut it down to a more manageable size for your bouquet.

Pink and White Spring Bouquet - Create frame with Greens

From there, I start inserting in the different flowers and I like to cluster similar blooms together. A few ranunculus here and a few hyacinths there. Layer the flowers to create volume within the bouquet and this will give it a more organic shape (rather than a very structured rounded shape).

Pink and White Spring Bouquet

Continue to fill in the bouquet. I put a couple stems of white hellebore in the front as I like the way the blooms naturally bend downwards, but if you wanted them to stand more upright, you can insert them between the larger flowers to give them some support. You can use stems of lilac (astilbe or any other small bloom flower would work too) to fill in any gaps and I like to use a few stems of jasmine vine to add a trail of greenery (not to mention a sweet scent!) to the bouquet.

Pink and White Spring Bouquet

Once you’re happy with the look and shape, just secure the stems together with floral tape and wrap the stems with ribbon of your choice (I used white satin here).

Pink and White Spring Bouquet



Pink and White Spring Bouquet

I love the color combination of this pink and white spring bouquet and the use of more unique blooms makes it so special!  A mix like this would make a gorgeous bridal bouquet or you could arrange it in a vase for an extra special gift!

Hope this DIY tutorial gives you some inspiration to create something on your own and let us know if you have any questions or comments! If you’re looking for more inspiration or ideas, check out our other DIY tutorials!



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