It’s July and I am blogging about our Peonies

I am not writing about something I saw a month or two ago from Holland or from upstate New York. No, I am writing about the Red Charm Peonies I had delivered to my door last week from Alaska. Peonies are being grown commercially in Alaska near Soldotna and Homer. Go ahead google those areas, I’ll wait………….  Cool isn’t it ?!  Peonies like a  cold winter and Alaska can provide that and growers are planting more and more each year.

Ok, so how do they look ???   Great !!!

The whites, Duchess de Nemours, with that hint of yellow in the center and the the pinks, Shirly Temple and others, look super.

The reds, Red Charm, however look incredible. A friend who saw them fully open said, “they are more than just flowers, they are art” and she is correct.  When fully open the blooms were more than 7 inches across.

I am glad to be blogging about peonies, but really glad I will be enjoying them in July,August and into September.

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