Peonies are back! (But, we’re not selling them yet)

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As most of our friends know, peonies are one of our absolute favorites at Flower Muse.  Every year when the early season begins, we get very excited.  We also know that peonies are a favorite flower for so many of friends out there.  So, we’ve got some good news and some bad news…

The good news: peonies are back!  (In fact, I’m looking at some as I type this).


The bad news (at least for now): we’re not selling them (yet).

Wait, don’t flower sites exist to sell flowers to people who want to buy them?  Yes, this is generally true, but we are honestly and truly committed to only selling flowers that we meet the highest standards because doing this makes you guys happy and when you guys are happy we’re happy (and hey, let’s be 100% honest, it means that you’ll be more likely to buy from us again).

Peonies from our fields in the US will not be available until May, but we will be importing from partner farms so that we have them available well before May – we just won’t be selling them until we’re 100% happy with how they look.

You’ll see some pics below from how the flowers looked this week; they are definitely peonies, but they are also definitely very small and small flowers are not generally what makes a peony lover happy.

If you’re desperate for peonies, you can always email us at and we’ll get back to you with a candid overview of how they are looking.  If not, we’ll be checking every day and hoping that good weather brings on the bigger part of the crop soon.

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