How Peonies Open

We love peonies and we are beyond excited that we’re already seeing so many great peonies shipping this year.  One of the things that comes up every year about this time is what to expect from farm direct (or really any even remotely fresh) peonies.  If you’ve ever purchased peonies before, then you know that they arrive in a very tight “bud” or “ball” form and them, seemingly miraculously, open after they are placed in water.

When someone receives peonies for the first time, or even the first time in a long while, it can be difficult to reconcile the small tight ball of color with the glorious and huge open peony that it will grow into.  This is one of those cases where we think a picture (or in this case three pictures) is worth a thousand words, so we want to share some recent pictures of peonies that arrived at our office.  We took photos of them straight out of the box, after about 8 hours of being in water and after about two days in water.  The results are below.  (Note: I’m using fairly high resolution photos here so that you can get a sense for all the details of each stage).

Just out of the box: this is how the peonies (incidentally, this is the Dr. Alex Fleming variety) looked just after arriving and being taken out of the box.  If someone didn’t know what they were looking at here, they probably wouldn’t guess that this nasty little ball would grow into a beautiful peony within hours.

Peony Bud


8 hours later: After eight hours in water, the peony shape is already starting to become visible.

Peony Partial


48 hours after arriving: 48 hours after arriving, the peonies were in full bloom and they held this shape for just over 8 days. This trully is a gorgeous flower.

Peony Open


Over the next week, we’ll be discussing other elements of the amazing Peony like the difference between single and double bloom peonies, where peonies are grown, which peony varieties are best for you and much more.

Until the next peony…

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