Pastel Flowers Bouquet

Pastel Flowers Bouquet

It’s summer and that usually means bright colors, but like I mentioned in my last DIY post (see the tutorial to create a blush and white centerpiece), I never tire of pale blush colors and so this week I thought I would share how to put together a pastel flowers bouquet that has a nice mix of light colors that would be perfect for a wedding or event with a pale color scheme.

The “ingredients” to this pastel flowers bouquet:

Pastel Flowers Bouquet - Ingredients

The “ingredients” list for this pastel flowers bouquet is longer than some of our other bouquet tutorial recipes. Given the larger mix of flowers and varying shapes and sizes of the flowers, this bouquet is better suited if you have some experience putting a bouquet together.

If peonies are not in season when you want to make this for yourself or if you have a budget you’re trying to stick to, you can easily substitute the peonies for garden roses or standard roses or you can even use hydrangea as an alternative. You’ll still be able to get gorgeous pastel colors!

To start, you’ll want to work with blooms have been fully hydrated and blooms are open. I like to first prep all my stems by removing any guard petals from roses.

Remove any guard petals from roses

I also strip foliage and thorns from the stems, so that I don’t have to do it while arranging the bouquet.

Prep stems - Remove foliage and thorns

With everything laid out and easily accessible, I like to start the bouquet with the blooms I want to feature in the center – light pink garden roses and pink peonies.

Pastel Flowers Bouquet - Start with feature blooms

From there, I add stems of other flowers, tucking smaller filler blooms (like the allium and astilbe) between the larger garden roses and peonies. I love the look of anthurium in this bouquet because it contrasts against the ruffled peonies and roses and adds some sleek lines to the bouquet. You could certainly create this bouquet without it, but I love the additional texture and color that the anthurium adds.

Pastel Flowers Bouquet - Add secondary flowers

Continue to build out the bouquet and make sure you use the clematis foliage to add green color to the bouquet. If you wanted more greens, then bush ivy or eucalyptus greens would work beautifully in this bouquet.

Pastel Flowers Bouquet - Continue adding blooms

Once you’re happy with the shape and size of the bouquet, secure everything together with floral tape and trim the stems to an even length. I usually leave at least 2-3 inches to make it easier to keep the bouquet in a vase. You can then trim these off right before the ceremony.

Pastel Flowers Bouquet - Wrap stems

Wrap the stems up with ribbon of your choice and if desired, add some trailing ribbon in pale shades to complement the flower colors in the bouquet.

Pastel Flowers Bouquet

Pastel Flowers Bouquet

Pastel Flowers Bouquet - Closeup

That’s all there is to it and now you’ve got yourself a gorgeous pastel flowers bouquet! I hope this provides some inspiration and ideas if you’re planning a wedding or event or just love flowers. If you have any questions, just leave us a comment below.


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