Our Favorite: Coral Flowers

Our Favorite: Coral Flowers

Can you believe that summer officially starts this Saturday? It’s one of my favorite times of year since we get to enjoy longer sunny days. I love the things that are quintessential summer: beach days, BBQs, sweet summer fruit and of course bright colorful flowers!

When I think of summer colors, I think of bright yellows, oranges and pinks and of course coral! I thought I’d put together some of our favorite coral flowers to kick off the summer season! For me, coral colors create a fun tropical ambience. The color can mean different things to different people, so I listed a range of what I consider to be coral like colors – from light pinkish orange to a rich deep peach red tone.

If you’re planning a wedding or event and are thinking about incorporating coral into your color palette, this chart will give you some ideas of the coral flowers that are available. There are not too many coral colored blooms, but there are some real goodies on the list like coral peonies! You can add any of these flowers to a pink ombre color scheme, arrange with some bright yellow and orange flowers to get juicy citrus mix or add some green and blue to create a tropical mood. These can work well with a lot of different color combinations – the possibilities are endless!

If you want to send someone (or yourself!) some coral goodness, just check out the links below the chart that will take you to each flower in our store. And if you want to see some of our other color collections, check out the other posts from our color series. Here’s to a fun summer ahead and wishing you all lots of sunny happy days!



 Our Favorite Coral FlowersCoral Peonies // Garden Rose “Sunset” // Tinted Hydrangea // Rose “High & Happy” // Carnations // Rose “Mosaico” // Dahlia // Garden Rose “Free Spirit” // Rose “Movie Star” // Poppies (by request) // Double Bloom Tulips // Gloriosa Lily

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