Our Favorite: Bright Pink Flowers

Our Favorite: Bright Pink Flowers

Mother’s Day is now behind us and I’m ready and excited to start on all the projects and plans we have brewing!  It’s been a few months since we shared our Green Flowers post, so thought it was about time we picked another color to showcase: BRIGHT pink!

Inspired by beautiful peonies that we’ve been seeing, I thought it would be fun to share other bright pink flowers we love.  These blooms will give you a nice pop of color in your floral design!

Our Favorite Bright Pink Flowers

(1) “Alex Fleming” Peony | (2) Hot Pink Ranunculus | (3) “Twinkle Bride” Spray Rose | (4) “Hot Paris” Rose | (5) “Flashpoint” Double Bloom Tulip | (6) “Starfighter” Lily | (7) Cerise Anemone | (8) “Topaz” Rose | (9) Hot Pink Hydrangea | (10) “Bellina” Spray Rose | (11) Red Gloriosa Lily | (12) “Marvel” Parrot Tulip | (13) “Arusha” Rose | (14) Hot Pink Carnation


The range of bright pink flowers is pretty amazing right?  It’s a color that surprisingly works well in a variety of color themes like:

 Tropical Colors

Pretty in Pinks

Let Them Eat Cake Colors

Pink Lemonade and Lime Colors


We hope this gives you some inspiration, particularly if you are planning to include this shade in your color scheme for a wedding, event or baby shower.

Drop us a line if you have any questions and let us know what other colors you want us to include in this series.





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