Now is the time to get your Peonies!

It’s May 18th and I am already dreading the fast approaching end of the domestic peony season in the Northeast which will happen around June 15th. This has not been a good year for the Peony. We did not have our usual cold winter which made people think the crop from North Carolina would be not as strong as usual. Add to that, when buds did start to grow, a hail storm did physical damage to some of the heads. In PA and North, there was no hail, but multiple weeks with little to no rain followed by a late spring freeze hurt much of this production. I saw the fields in North Carolina in April and was in Pennsylvania last week and hope to travel to upstate New York this coming week or the next.

So is it all doom and gloom this year for you peony lovers ? NO !!!! The peonies that are being harvested by our grower and friend, Richard, do look fantastic. They are available in whites, mainly Festiva Maxima with is cool splash of burgundy in the center, some Baroness Schroeder, and some Miss America and Nimbus. The assorted shades of pinks include Kimberly, Pillow Talk and Mons Jules Elie. And they will be cutting some Pink Hawaiian Coral starting next week in New York. We have a few more weeks to get them and enjoy them. Now is the time to send some peonies to yourself (why not? you deserve them!) or loved ones. So what do I think? Carpe Diem, no , Carpe Peonies !!!! (Google Translate says I should use: Aglaophotis, Latin for ‘peonies’, but it’s a Friday, so I am sticking with ‘peony’)

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