November 2014 Calendar

November 2014 Calendar

Happy November 2014

Can you believe it? Only two more months left of this year! Where did the time go? Soon the mayhem of the holiday season will begin: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and so many other holidays to celebrate. So, for our November 2014 calendar, we decided to go with something in a happy vibrant color so we’re featuring red parrot tulips!

Tulips are typically known as a spring flower, but in Holland we have varieties that bloom for the winter season, so for any tulip lovers, you can decorate your holiday table with these beautiful blooms. They come in all different colors including black tulips for those who want something more dramatic. Or if you want a mix of blooms, check out the gift and decorating packages that we have that allow you to choose up to 4 different types of flowers.

We wish you a fabulous November and if you need help with flowers for gifting, decorating your home or a wedding or event, we are here for you! This season can be stressful enough as is, so drop us a line if we can help.



PS. For those who want to know, the November birth month flower is chrysanthemum. They’re pretty blooms, but we would rather stare at these unique red parrot tulips every day this month!

 To download your free November 2014 calendar:

Click on the size that is best suited for your computer. The image will open up to full screen. Right click on the image and save the file to your computer.  You can then follow your operating system’s instructions for using the image as a desktop wallpaper.

November 2014 Calendar


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    Just wanted to say thanks for these calenders! I love having them on my computer where I can always see the date at a glance, & love that they have such beautiful backgrounds! I looked & looked before I found these, and their quality far surpasses anything else (free, at least) that I was able to find. Thanks again! :)

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      Ellie H.

      Hi Crystal! Thanks so much for your note! We love hearing from readers and I’m happy that you’re putting these calendars to use. We love sharing our love of flowers with others and glad that we can help brighten up your computer!

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