March 2015 Calendar

March 2015 Calendar

Happy March 2015!

The month of February always throws me for a loop because it’s such a short month and it goes by so fast! We’re already to the end of the month so that means it’s time for our next monthly calendar! For our March 2015 calendar, I wanted to showcase a flower that radiates sunshine and warmth. I know the weather has been downright miserable in some parts of the country so I’m hoping that having this picture on your computer, phone or tablet will help bring some cheer to those who might need it!

So for our March 2015 calendar, we have bright yellow daffodils! You might be thinking, these don’t look like daffodils at all. You’re right because these are DOUBLE daffodils! So instead of the open cup-shaped bloom in the center, double daffodils have layers of petals in the center creating a much more lush looking flower. It’s personally one of my favorite daffodils and I don’t know why we don’t see it used more often!

I hope you enjoy the calendar this month and if you want to get some daffodils for yourself, check out our selection that includes double daffodils like these!



To download your free March 2015 calendar:

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March 2015 Calendar

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