March 2014 Calendar

March 2014 Calendar

March 2014 Calendar

February is always a short month and man, did it go by fast! It was a whirlwind for us here at Flower Muse with the Valentine’s Day holiday, but we had a great month and hope you did too! So, now it’s on to March and this month’s calendar we’re featuring the March birth flower – daffodils!

Daffodils signify rebirth and happiness. They always remind me that spring is coming. I remember how much I loved seeing them start to peek up out of the ground when I lived on the East coast. It was a much welcomed reminder that the weather would be warming up!

It also reminds me of the garden scene from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland where the flowers come alive. You would think they would have been sweet and happy flowers, but if I remember the movie correctly, they were a bit naughty!

Daffodils in Disney's Alice in Wonderland

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Well the daffodils you’ll find here won’t be dousing you with water! Yellow daffodils are the most well-known and classic color, but there are many different daffodil varieties and they come in a range of yellow, white and even orange hues. The variety you see in this month’s calendar is called “Ice Follies” and it’s a beauty! I love the contrast between the white and yellow and the finely ruffled edges at the center of the bloom. I hope that this will bring a little sunshine and happiness to your days in March. I know that the weather has been pretty awful in some parts of the US, so hopefully this helps you look forward to brighter sunny days! And check out our daffodils page if you want to have  some spring sent right to you!



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March 2014 Calendar


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